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Bailey + Parker's Surprise Proposal | Merrimon - Adam's Creek, NC | Allie Miller Photography

All the preparations, planning, and making sure that Bailey would not find out the supposed go-away party for her boyfriend of 6 years, Parker was in fact a proposal surprise party for her!

Both of their parents were in it to win it - along with incredible logistical help from family and closest friends.

This happens on Good Friday at 7sh pm - They come back from what was dinner with parents, and so she is walking him thinking she will be surprising him, instead she was surprised, Parker asked Bailey to marry him and she said YES!!!! Indeed, much excitement her friends were present and it was definitely her party... They celebrated this moment, I will let the images do the talking - Super nerve wrecking, because - time and weather played a truly important part - The weather was not just chilly but also help with winds of 19mph and the overcasting was very heavy on cloud presence... With a 7.32pm sunset... we had to be quick to not compromise the moment, by keeping it as organic as possible.

After the YES! Many portraits were taken, by me and her friends... as the night had the most amazing flow - Parker and Bailey, danced... cut a cake... played a game with questions that made everyone laugh [the shoe game ]

I cannot wait to see what the near future brings to these two lovelies...


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