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allie miller weddings nc wedding photographer
allie miller weddings nc wedding photographer

hi, I'M Allie


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Getting to know me...

I am an artist before a anything else, I rapidly fall in-love with captures that feel fun, still reflecting elegance. My images are ethereal, but classic... containing all the feelings of radiant distinct personality which reveals your sense of style.


Steering clear from any trendy aesthetic genre of wedding photography to offer my couples all that is seen in my work is what I aim for.


Documenting your day is something I take very seriously. And, while the day is a good time... My focus is always on point!


The approach to a wedding day involves a plan at hand and indeed practical. I am known to come into rooms and be the person to clean up 'your getting ready' suite and getting the areas set up...   I will seek the best angle even if that means repositioning a random vase or furniture.  When I need to bring the photographical vision for you to life, I have no doubts if I need to configure, I will swiftly move you into the best light while you are getting dressed or having a moment with loved ones among other things.

I am stickler for a good plan the day of, this will make for all successful outcomes. I will scout best locations, prior to your first looks.


One thing clear in my process is that I will abstain from random poses off a Pinterest board - Although some inspiration might help to envision some dynamics, I am here to create YOUR own unique moments. What will suit the real YOU!  That said, I will most likely refrain from taking a shot that does not feel authentic or take away from the essence in spirit of your day.  ​When it comes to some of the proposed posing in your Creative Portraits [portion] or formals, I will aim to keep it real and natural, you will feel comfortable and far-away from fake.


Seeking that flattering light in a given setting in front of my lens is my jam!  I will make use of both natural and man made light when appropriately needed.  There will be intention in every shot and move!  Even if tweaking that certain way of your stand while creating the most delightful look that unveils YOU [it can involve a slight bending of the knee or arm while keeping you in the feeling at that time.] 

My thinking is ever critical when I am creating THE SHOTS - whether these be candid or slightly-purposely posed...  I make sure that every check box covered with my light, composition dynamics and how it is making you look?
  What may flatter someone, may not be the same for others.  Everyone is unique and they truly bring that one thing no other has - themselves!  I work with ALL that which reveals YOU in your best angle, light and feel!


My most important job the day of, is to be proficient at creating intentional compositions by staying aware that once the night is over, my work is continuing to unveil... The real process for the outcomes begins!

My Philosophy: 

'I know that because of how photography in today's wedding market works, one must stand out...  This is why I am very personable and I am a storyteller,  I uncover the joy of the details [big & small] and unique dynamics of your wedding day. I only want to make something beautiful and as unique as the people in these photographs.'

What Drives Me: 


YOUR DAY! Becomes very personal!  Just know how grateful I am to be trusted to document and create the captures that will transport you back to all magical moments of your wedding day, as if it were only yesterday. 

My Process  


Because of my ever loving enthusiasm for analog film photography, I emulate the impressive and truly timeless Fuji 400H, Portra 800 and Ektar 100 and Kodak Gold 200 film in most of my digital photography work. [The 400H - which is no longer existent] and keeping in mind - There is a time and place for each process in the artistic approach I offer!

I have also implemented the use of the above stocks in all my 35mm and Medium Format 6x4.5 Analog FILM as add-ons- Offering the non-emulated, the pure nostalgia driven captures along with digitals images when it is added in your investment - Analog Film, it offers a wonderful experience- bringing that old good feel of the times in which digital was not existent and Film was king!

When hybridizing and implementing of emulation in digital with cellulose yields to a very distinct and emotional transparency for me that is channeled in the photographic work I deliver. In this process, I am allowed to work my craft in limitless ways.


Personal care and that white-glove service, is essential as I am always seeking that true & honest connection with every-single-one of my couples.​ ​ I am constantly yearning for photography that shows the authentic, organic, and the richness in colors with a very deep / true-to-life feel.

My intention is to provide the very personal attention my clients deserve

and that all of the very important details are captured.  

So grateful to be able to appreciate the true nature of a day,  and all its sentiments. 


When not behind the camera:   


You can find me traveling, as I enjoy spending time between the amazing coastal towns of Eastern NC and the beautiful country sides. I am so entwined with the photographic work that I do, I engage in personal projects that involving natural-collage like from photographs and often are for sale.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

In my very selective off time, I can be found reading, volunteering or even simply trying new food with friends at local places whenever I travel and often times signing up for webinar, photo retreat or listening to a good podcast.


My early mornings start with good intentions for productivity and inspiration.  In the late evenings, when I am not working I can be found walking or tossing a ball with my 3 fur-babies: Ananda, Athena & Cesar and randomly catching up with thoughts in my brain...


Lastly, my one and only guilty pleasure is a freshly brewed cup of coffee... 

By taking pride in the very personal wedding approach that is delivered in the photographic workflow for the day ranges from practical-professional to purely-essential-minimalist to editorially-lavished in  details of the day!

Candid or Posed?  I believe there’s a perfect time and place for both on a wedding day.​  Making sure your photographs will reflect all the true moments and emotions, all images will embody the day's dynamics in the way that it feels authentic and real to you. 


All images will show the "real" in the day along with elegant, ethereal, quintessential, as well as with radiantly luxurious quality that you expect from a seasoned professional. 


Truthfully, wedding photography should be something more than just images.


Being invested and understanding that photography for the day must tell the story for generations to come, entails in all purpose turning your moments into images that will help you remember.

That is my guarantee!

allie miller weddings north carolina wedding photographer ©
allie miller weddings north carolina wedding photographer ©

All The Meaningful in Your Day...

nc wedding photographer Fearrington Village weddings
nc wedding photographer

There are an infinite amount of details a couple must consider before their big day such as guest count, venue, the dynamics in ceremony, the reception, the details such as flowers, the wine and beverage choices, the invitations, the wedding attire for groom and dress for bride [and the bridal parties] and the other dresses, and most important of decisions to make is your vendors, amongst them your wedding photographer. 

Oh! and your photographer, this is the one person you will closely work with. You will learn more about them, and they will learn about you and your fiancé and family dynamics... You must make sure they are the right fit!

When you are planning this special day, you run into an opportunity and get to explore your taste in photographs a bit further -  During this time. is great to do some research, indulge and understand how you will value what your vendors offer.

Your photographer will lead you to feel comfortable in front of the camera, continuing to be you, tell your story on your wedding day.

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