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Avery + Brandon | Cedar Island, NC Proposal | Allie Miller Weddings | Outer-Banks Nature SPRING

Avery and Brandon in a nutshell : FUN and SWEET... Uncomplicated and EASY ... Living in the moment and FREE!

Their love, 6 years together [circa 2014) - through some of high school and some through college [Wolfpackers here, yay!]

They took a break from each-other, for about 2 years and in that time there was a lot of growth for both. In November 2022 - Their story tells two sides, depending who you ask... He said, she reached out... Avery says he reached out... regardless of whom may have had the initiative to contact the other, they just knew they belonged together and their hearts picked up right where they left off...

A few months later, Brandon has asked Avery to become his wife and in a very special weekend at the end of March, they headed to spend a 'normal-basic' weekend at his parent's place in Atlantic Beach, NC - Brandon too the opportunity to book a sunset horse trail ride on the Cedar Island Reserve at the CIR - Located by the water on the island...

Although the weather threatened with rain and high winds, we moved on as planned, with a proposal by the beach/ramp access, followed by portraits and also, as they engaged in the ride with the horses, we had a chance to capture them doing something they love so much: being together and having fun.

The evening followed by a surprise back at their place and dinner, drinks and fun.

Congratulations to these beautiful humans!

Cannot wait to celebrate their wedding in the near future!

Special Thanks to: Cedar Island Ranch - Lara for all the help and accommodations to make this happen!


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