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Liset & Jerry | Surprise proposal | Beaufort, NC | Allie Miller destination Proposal & Planning

Jerry and Liset are just like peanut butter and jelly. Jerry planned to propose on their anniversary 11.05 at one of their favorite places to visit: Beaufort, NC -

Random weekday, this is when Jerry calls to find out availability for the date, but also needed a little direction in where to really start [ I mean, he had the idea for spend happily every after, but... need a bit of direction... And, so my concierge/planning mind went to work, of-course with his vision...

In about 3 weeks, we had a great plan - I had to know what she loved, and not so much [ like the color PINK ] Liset, is a very down to earth, simple and happy human... Originally from Miami [ this right here should tell you something...] - Being a destination proposal, there was a lot of little things to gather...

Working with Jerry has been so much fun, and the results were fabulous.

The Timeline:

Saturday [11.5]

  • Mid-morning hours, they are driving in from the triangle area.

  • 2.30pm > Arrival to their hotel [ Inlet Inn - Beaufort, NC ]

  • 5.15pm > Pre Dinner Drinks and Appetizers at City Kitchen

  • 5.50pm > The sunset is beginning, Jerry is trying to be as cool, and gives her a giftbag - at the bottom of the bag, he disguised with the box containing the ring...

  • 6.00pm > BOOM - She sees the ring, he proposed>> She said YES!

The behind the scenes...

  • 3.50pm > Floral pick up at Design by Ernest in Beaufort, NC [ by me ]

  • 4.30pm > I drop off on of the floral arrangements at the City Kitchen at the area where they'll be having drinks

  • 5.10pm > I sneak into their hotel suite, and decorate the room... [ Another post dinner surprise.]

  • 5.45pm > I arrive to restaurant and pretend to be taking marina pictures for a magazine - She still has NO clue...

  • 6.00pm > I will let the pictures speak for themselves... We caught a sunset... by the marina....

What is next?

We are planning a wedding!

The Vendors:

- City Kitchen [ Karen and Dylan ] Million of thanks!

- Flowers and Designs by Ernest [ Florals/petals ] - Diamonds Direct - The RING.

- The Inlet Inn - Beaufort, NC



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