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Things to consider when Hiring a Professional Make Up Artist for your wedding day? 💄

Your wedding day!

Most of wedding days run perfectly smooth, sometimes no matter how hard you plan, odd things may happen and this is why having professionals as your vendors is key.

When it comes to your hair and make up needs it is important to get a hair and makeup team that can nail the look you have envisioned as well as recommending the best make up look for the day.

This is where your hair or makeup team come in... Keep in mind that most professional vendors who are make up and hair specialists may do 2 or even 3 different events a day, others may do just one [yours] and if they are scheduled to leave at a specific time, they may feel like they have to rush through your bridesmaid's makeup so they can go and get to the next wedding. These are important questions to ask, the value is immeasurable when it comes to their flexibility!

That is why, in our opinion, you should try to get a team that is dedicated to you and only you the day of the wedding. This way, they can take their time and do the job right. We know these professionals value themselves greatly and bring not only the client experience to you but also, they are seasoned on doing this work only!

Asking how early they can start, is very important because depending on your bridal party's size and when your photographer arrives, your hair and makeup should be pretty much done. The hair and make up team may have to start very early in the morning. In my experience I've had to start taking photos as early as 10 am. Meaning when we arrive, everyone's hair and makeup is done. For this to happen, you need to start hair and makeup by 6 or 7 am.

Before you hire your hair and makeup team, make sure they are up to the task. This is your very important day!

If your hair and makeup team cannot start when you need them, your entire day will be behind schedule. You would not want to plan your entire wedding, and then a few weeks before your wedding, have it ruined because your hair and makeup person could not start earlier.

Ask your hair and make up team, what they offer. See? Each professional you may contact is going to have their own set of pricing and packages for hair or makeup.

Speaking to your bridal party and find out exactly what services they want from the hair and makeup company is something that you want to know before booking someone -

One of the most stressful times in a wedding day is the start of it. When everyone is finishing up hair and makeup, and it is time to pay, girls are running around looking for change. If your entire bridal party knows what services they will get before your wedding day and you have discussed this with the hair and makeup company, there will be no surprises. Knowing how much it costs creates a smoother transition at this time. Everyone will be able to have that exact amount ready when hair and makeup is complete. This saves precious time and eases the stress of the wedding day. Trust me.

Do they Airbrush? This is another good questions to consider. Airbrushing lasts longer during the day and especially during the summer months. Or you can also do the traditional - What is their technique?

Does your chosen hair and make up pro have all the insurance required to do their job on site and their licensing up to date? Very essential to ask about this - for the many reasons - there are liabilities, allergic reactions, infections etc. - I mean make up and hair styling - what tool are used ? Do they have plenty of clean and sanitized brushes as well as disposables? Do they have high products, that are current and not outdated - what experience do they bring to your day??? Considerations are extensive, need I say more?

I refer only a few of the make up artists is have worked with and know personally, I know they bring the greatest of the best expertise and energy to the table, they are Professionals... Here is one of my favorites.

Meet Morgan H. with Meira Beauty, LLC in her own words:

"When I started thinking about leaving the company and stepping out on my own, I was admittedly scared. The idea of opening my own business was daunting. I remember talking to my mom on the phone for an hour about the possibilities of me launching my own business, but still, I was very unsure. I prayed for clarity and boy, did the Lord come through. The VERY next day, I got a call completely out of the blue. I was asked to do makeup for Nicholas Sparks for some promotional work for his book, “The Return”. I said yes, and after the phone call ended I remember bawling my eyes out because I knew that was my answer."

In the summer of 2020 I was ready to take a leap of faith and start my own business, thus, “Meira Beauty LLC” was born.

‘ The best part of my job, and why I love doing what I do, is seeing clients completely radiate with self-confidence after a service.’

That’s why I chose “Meira Beauty” as my business name, it means “one who shines”.




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