Allie Miller Weddings Investment Guide | Most Frequently Asked Question About Our Services | FAQ's

This blog was written to provide an insight and answers to most questions asked while wedding and events are being planned - I know that you may have a lot in your plate - I planned a wedding over 13 years ago myself and I know first hand the many questions.

Oh! How, I wished these resources were available for me at the time.

Simply, let me know if you have further concerns or questions - I am here to provide solutions and to answer anything you can think of...

Why book Allie Miller Weddings? Because I am seasoned, full-time photographer I can ensure that you get your beautiful day with the highest quality and personal care you can expect for your day from me.

Because of my experience, with over 350+ weddings... I already know most and all tempo and dynamics of special days such as these.

I will communicate with your venue, and/or event planner to facilitate the handling and flow of your wedding's imeline professionally - I even provide a dynamic schedule for photography to fit your day's timeline. I can guarantee your expectations to be met in more than one way!

Is your engagement session included? Quartz, Amethyst and Turquoise Collections bring along a complimentary session when you book with us. While these sessions hold no monetary value against any investment, and in case either one of us is unable to schedule for lack or due to time conflict - I have some product options for you. These sessions allow us to get each other a bit better, our time spent this day of will be a great indication about our dynamics for the big day. At the same time, engagement sessions are a perfect opportunity to capture beautiful images of you two while celebrating a wonderful time in your lives.

How many images are delivered from a typical day?

While keeping in mind that when shooting a wedding, I will be documenting your day, one must consider all variables, i.e. size of wedding parties, number of guests, time of coverage & your timeline, along with event type, sites of coverage, celebration periods, all post ceremony formal photographs and so on... These will dictate the volume of images from your day! Every wedding is unique and in my experience in average 8 hour day wedding with a second shooter will typically yield to an average of 750 -1K +/-images. That said, these numbers may vary and like I mentioned, these will depend on the dynamics of the wedding day.

Do I offer an 'on-line' proofing gallery? Yes, I do!

After processing your digital images, I proceed to upload them to a web-based platform and send you a password protected link with step by step instructions in order to assist with the production process and prompt delivery of your collection's products. Your link will be available for 6 months from the delivery date. Your proofing website is extremely convenient and user friendly. You will be able to share with loved ones and even order images should they wished to purchase high quality products from my studio/lab with a special discount.

Will you receive edited images as part of collection? Of Course! They are your images, right? I will deliver your professionally hand-edited and curated "wedding-day" digital images via download or in a beautiful USB with its case [based on the collection that is chosen] Your images with come along with a print release and our off premise lab recommendation. Should you or any of your guests/family want professional prints, additional albums + other products these can always be ordered directly from the site with a special discount and will be drop-shipped - Professional products are guaranteed + tailored to your needs, and also delivered straight to you.

We are ready to Book. What is next? Retainer, Contract, Payment and Terms?

Investment for wedding day coverage starts at $3475 - Once I confirm your date availability in calendar, and we agree to start the booking process via email, a $750 non-refundable retainer must be received, you will choose your payment terms below, I will proceed to draw your contract and it'll be sent to you for review as soon as possible. Also, we offer a choice of desired payment terms of 50/50 or 3 equal payments | Payments may be made via Zelle or Venmo Although, all major credit cards are accepted a cash adjustment service fee will apply to charges made

Remember to ask to view a full wedding gallery

I personally believe that when considering making such an investment in professional wedding photography, you must be able to see real work! Why not? When you are able to view a real wedding, it will reveal a more in-depth of the photographic process during a real wedding day, it will allow you to make a better choice for your investment. Just keep in mind not all weddings are the same. I would love to show you a full wedding from client - released catalog revealing some of my wonderful couples' best day..

In the meantime, I welcome you to check out the many beautiful stories in our BLOG - a quicker view and story behind ' A Wedding Day"

So, who edits my photographs? I DO. All post-processing and careful hand-editing and curation is handled by me.

My philosophy is simple: "I shot it, I was there with you, therefore I will edit them." Outsourcing your moments is not my jam! Never been...

I know that my clients appreciate their images be handled by someone they trust and who was there with them instead of some random outsourced individual who doesn't work for us or someone who has zero relationship with me. I am so very happy and proud to devote the time in getting to know you both, because I want to make sure that I can tell the story the way it is meant to be - nothing less, nothing more!

After our wedding day … When can we see our images? Good news are that depending on collection chosen, you will be receiving a link within 24-48hrs from wedding with highlights along with downloads of y'alls day (about 75-250+ images)* depending on collection chosen.

Oh! It makes that wait less anxious, you get to post beautiful professional images pretty much right away. Also, within 48hrs you will see your wedding featured in our BLOG - You can share the day with loved ones within days!

Now, because I process all my work in-house - I will make sure that your images are post processed and curated as soon as possible. In order to make this happen. I allow myself time to make sure all is in its right standards before sending to you - I believe that "Fast sometimes isn't better"

I strive to provide realistic time and depending on the product these can vary - Printed Products.

While I aim to deliver your images as soon as it is possible, my average turnaround for your digital proofing album is within a 8 working weeks time-frame in average. Sometimes may be less and although, delivery times may be impacted by travel and prep timing during wedding season along with the volume of booked summer commissions - It truly depends on how busy the season schedule is at that time of year.

Rest assured I am working on your images diligently. Happens as soon as your wedding day comes to an end - Believe me, I am as excited as you are...


Where can I be found?

Serving my clients from following areas: North Carolina and Florida

Based in Jacksonville, NC and as Destination Photographer, I am passport ready/ticket/drive happy to travel for you! I have a main operating 'by appointment only' Studio in Morehead City, NC The 'Studio-Loft' located near Waterfront Downtown Area in Morehead City, NC -

Physical Address in NC - By Appt ONLY 412 A Evans Street - The Loft - Downtown | Morehead City, NC 28557

ALWAYS - We may schedule a Skype/FaceTime or Zoom appointment

Correspondence - Please send to:

Allie Miller Weddings | PO BOX 21 - Willard, NC 28478


Do you travel? YES I am available for travel in the US/ Int'l with a valid US Passport - Inquire for details + area exclusions.

I have received all my vaccines and booster. I follow safety and health protocols for everyone's safety/comfort.

I will provide a custom quote for any wedding requiring travel - I am extremely flexible with travel accommodations.

I am be able to make an inclusive collection for you for 10+hrs

Are you insured? YES

What is in my bag?

My bag is carefully curated with higher end lenses that include Tele lens/macro and prime. I bring along with me tripods, stands, softboxes, constant light, Profoto gear and flashes with backups and triggers.

Camera gear: I've been shooting with Nikon Full Frame Cameras for over 2 decades - In wedding days I carry 2 on me and 2 extra as back ups.

My second shooters are seasoned photographers with an impressive portfolio and carry at least 2 cameras and wide variety of peripherals such as lenses, flashes, cards and batteries.

Storage & Power: Fast-write SD cards with high GB capacity - I have all kind of batteries for gear and other peripherals. All equipment is commercially insured - I can assure that you will never lack coverage.

If you have more questions, please ask away! Biscuits & Honey Y'all!