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Allie Miller Weddings Investment Guide | Most Frequently Asked Question About Services | FAQ's

While your planning a wedding, there are so many questions as you are making many decisions.

Here is my insight and answers to most questions asked while wedding and events are being planned - I know that you may have a lot in your plate.

With about 13+ yrs and 350+ professional wedding photographic experience I've developed a flawless system that guarantees all essential moments captured during your wedding day... By doing so, I allow space for the most authentic creativity to happen!

Why Book Allie Miller? - Experience: I am a seasoned, full-time photographer. I make sure this beautiful day is given the highest quality + utmost personal care. I also have a team of magnificent photographers who will be with me the day of.

- Portfolio: My work is clearly driven by inspiration and I have shot over 350+ weddings. I am confident your day to be flawless and your vision delivered.

- Relationship Driven: I will communicate with venue, event planner and vendors to facilitate the handling and flow of your wedding's timeline professionally

- Diligent + efficient: I aim at providing a dynamic timeline for photography to fit your day's dynamics. - Results: I can guarantee your expectations to met and far exceed your vision in more than one way!

- Knowledgeable: I not only love to deliver beautiful images, I am known for making use of all kinds of light available - Natural and dynamic is part of my approach in days in which are super bright as well as those with extensive cloud coverage.

~ Hybrid Photography: Analog Film & Digital approach - specializing in digital emulation of 400-H Fuji Film [as well as other stocks] bringing the gorgeous true to life colors and textures in your photographes. Complimented by my experience with film that allows me to use 35mm + 120mm film stocks during the day as add ons - These deliver that nostalgic, and very different feel from emulated digitals [ the real sense in photography] which creates memories similar to the ones in generations past.

My final words... I enjoy creating images that I know will deliver more than just simple [safe] pictures, I am a passionate photo-lover and can guarantee to deliver artful pieces in your albums.

Is your engagement session included? Collections include a complimentary e-session when you book. These sessions allow for you both and I to get to know each other a bit better, and will dictate our time spent this day-of will be a great indication about our dynamics for the big day. At the same time, engagement sessions are a perfect opportunity to capture beautiful images of you two while celebrating a wonderful time in your lives.

I cannot wait to schedule & style yours!

How many images are delivered from a typical day?

Knowing that no relationship/wedding day is one and/ot the same, I strive to document all the in-between details of your day that are easy to miss. Honestly, keeping in mind that when shooting a wedding, I will be on task documenting your day, we must consider all variables, i.e. size of wedding parties, number of guests, time of coverage & your timeline, along with event type, sites of coverage, celebration periods, all post ceremony formal photographs and so on... These are the dynamics which will absolutely dictate the volume of images from your day. And, although every wedding is unique, in my personal experience in average, an 8 hour day wedding { & second shooter} will typically yield to an average of 750+/- images. That said, these numbers may vary and like I mentioned, these will depend on the dynamics of the wedding day.

After the Wedding Day, How are Images Delivered? Your High Resolution images will uploaded to a web-based platform. The LINK is extremely convenient and user friendly. This LINK is sent along with step by step instructions in order to assist with the process to prompt delivery of your collection's products.

You will be able to love on your images, share with loved ones and even order images should anyone wishes to purchase boutique high end products from my studio with special pricing incentive.

Are all images included in the LINK?

Of Course! They are your images, right?

I will deliver your professionally curated "wedding-day" high-res images via download Your images with come along with a personal printing license and lab recommendation.

Should you or any of your guests/family want professional prints, additional albums + other products these can always be ordered directly from the site with a special discount and will be drop-shipped - Professional products are guaranteed + tailored to your needs, and also delivered straight to you.

How long will we have access to our photos once they are delivered?

Once you receive a link with your gallery attached, you will have access to your photos for 6-12 months from the delivery date. [ depending in your collection chosen]

I always recommend that my clients save and backup their photos to three different locations. Because you can never be too careful, think: USB first, hard drive second, and computer last.

We are ready to Book! Now, what's next? (The Retainer, The Contract, The Schedule & Terms)

Investment for continuous wedding day coverage starts with $4595 plus tax

After our consultation and based on availability of your date in wedding calendar, a collection and add-ons chosen by you followed by a $900 non-refundable retainer, this will start the booking process after choosing your payment schedule terms [schedule of 50/50 or 3 equal payments available]

The contract is drawn and sent electronically for your to review, initial and sign. Although, accepting all major credit cards - all charges will carry a transaction fee adjustment

Venmo [between friends] + Zelle are most popular with my clients

How about seeing a full wedding gallery?

I personally believe that when considering making such an investment in professional wedding photography, you must be able to see real work! Why not? Because when you are able to view a real wedding, it will reveal a more in-depth of the photographic process during a real wedding day, it will allow you to make a better choice for your investment. Just keep in mind not all weddings are the same. And my approach is very personal. I can certainly show you a full wedding from my client - released catalog - These carry the moments, details and the meaningful in their day...

Also, I welcome you to check out the many beautiful stories in the JOURNAL this is a much quicker view to the stories behind my work on a real wedding day!

How are my images curated?

After some color correction, all the retouching is handled by me personally.

My philosophy is simple: "I shot it, I was there with you, therefore I will edit them."

I know that my clients appreciate their images be handled by someone they trust and who was there with them instead of some random person who doesn't know what details need to be taken care of. I am so very happy and proud to devote the time in getting to know you both, because I want to make sure that I can tell the story the way it is meant to be - nothing less, nothing more!

After our wedding day, when can we expect our digital proofs? Good news are that depending on collection chosen, you will be receiving a link within 24hrs [or less] with highlights along with downloads of y'alls day (175+ images )

I know that this makes the wait a bit less anxious, and you'll get to share beautiful professional images of the day immediately. Honestly, most often times. the same day! Within 48hrs you will see your wedding featured in our Journal - I will text you, and you can share the day with loved ones [perhaps could not make it to the wedding] rapidly.

Since I process all my work in-house - I will make sure that your images are post processed and curated as soon as possible. To accomplish this, I firmly allow myself time to make sure all is in its right standards before sending to you - I believe that "Fast sometimes isn't better"

I strive to provide realistic time and depending on the product these can vary. While I aim to deliver your images as soon as it is possible, my average turnaround for your digital proofing album in 45-60 working days time-frame in average. ** Sometimes this may be in less time, depending on season's schedule.

Very rarely, some delivery times may be impacted by scheduled travel or work load during wedding season and other booked summer commissions - Honestly, I work wholeheartedly to deliver them promptly...

My work continues even after your actual wedding day comes to an end - I am as excited as you are for you all to have them!


Where can I be found?

I am based in North Carolina | I am a Destination Photographer... I am passport ready/ticket ready/drive ready + happy to travel for you [ + so is the team ]

There are NO travel fees within the state of NC

Virtual meetings may be scheduled via Skype/FaceTime consultation appointment

Correspondence mail to:

Allie Miller Weddings | PO BOX 21 Willard, NC 28478 | 910.305.4501


Do you travel? YES I am available for travel in the US and internationally with a valid US Passport | Inquire for details + area exclusions.

We follow safety and health protocols for everyone's safety/comfort. I can provide a custom quote for any wedding requiring travel, and I am extremely flexible with travel accommodations that my clients want to arrange.

For destination Commissions I am be able to make a-la-carte collection for you if that is something that is of interest!

Are we insured?

Yes! Certificate always available

What is in my bag?

My bag is carefully curated with higher end lenses that include Tele lens/macro and prime. I bring along with me tripods, stands, soft-boxes, constant light, Profoto gear and flashes with backups and triggers.

My Camera gear: I've been shooting with Nikon Full Frame Cameras for over 2 decades - In wedding days I carry 2 on me and 4 extra as back ups.

My second leads are seasoned pros with a very impressive portfolio and carry at least 3 cameras and wide variety of peripherals such as lenses, flashes, cards and batteries. They are LEADS and not assistants! Fully capable to handle ANY request!

FILM GEAR: Mamiya 645Pro [120mm] with 2x Cartridge Adapters loaded and additional loaded film inserts &  2 Nikon F6 [35mm] - Loaded and ready! Lots of film, batteries and creativity!


We use only Fast-write SD and XQD cards with high memory capacity.

We never lack power, we carry an arsenal of batteries and gear along with other high-end peripherals needed.

ALL our equipment is commercially insured - I can assure that you will never lack coverage.

If you have more questions, please ask away!

We are so excited to have you!


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