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I have been wanting to write a piece that will help our couples obtain an insight into the process behind our 'Day Of Wedding Collections' First and foremost, the number one priority is the value offered in your investment, and that is what your wedding day photography becomes when you book with Allie Miller Weddings...

Investment with Allie Miller Weddings starts at $4795.00 plus tax

Obviously, as a well-seasoned professional wedding photographer, I am aware that when it comes to wedding planning, and is filled with many interesting intricacies. While keeping mindful of a realistic investment in mind, the value I offer will allow you to plan your overall investment.

There are costs while planning involving all deposits, venue, vendors, wedding dress along with the details of the various events leading to the day such as engagement parties, the announcements, the invitations, the bachelorette 'girls weekend', the rehearsal dinner, the bridesmaids/groomsmen gift bundles as well as travel to your honeymoon amongst many others.

Your planning journey should be one of fun and easy in nature and not stressful! Okay, fine... A little stress is part of the experience... Who are we kidding? Careful considerations were kept in mind when creating the two collections offered and these are all mindful of timelines in the most common settings of the day in order to provide the most productive experience for your day. I have photographed hundreds of weddings throughout the years and something I have learned is that the type of services and products offered create the experience that is frequently experienced on a wedding day.

That said, my approach is easy and allows me to deliver an experience beyond what is expected.

To make your decision-making simple and complete, I offer 2 collections for the most complete wedding planning. These will deliver 8 and 10 hrs of continuous coverage for the day with services and products that will make the investment decision very easy for you. My two collections start by offering a complimentary engagement session, followed by continuous coverage with 2 LEAD photographers, your personalized wedding day timeline planning, beautiful heirloom wedding album, with SAME DAY Sneak Peeks filled with highlights of the day, your High-Resolution images, print license, and signature studio prints.[depending on the collection...]

Below a 10x10 Heirloom Album with Golden Embossed Lettering and 50 pages

For weddings requiring less than 8 hrs, I also offer collections with 4-6 hrs continuous coverage on weekdays and very few selected weekend dates.

These collections lead with one photographer capturing essential preparation moments following the ceremony and all highlights in reception [including all your formals and creative portraits [usually at sunset].

This option is perfect for couples seeking the BASIC - essentials of customary coverage and have booked a venue/private home on a weekday [not holidays]

Included in this option are your professionally edited High-Resolution digital downloads [print license + lab recommendation]

Thinking of You

As I mentioned, planning can become very overwhelming. I highly recommend the hiring of a seasoned planner - they are a breath of fresh air - you will be glad to have invested in one!

Personally, I value your investment in my services as one of the most important matters in the planning process for the day. I can guarantee that along with the experience I provide, we [along with my team] will provide a seamless process, and your day is serious business to us! But still, we will make it fun, and know that I am here to help! I know this will make it the best decision for the wedding day!

Now, no matter what your day is like, upon the consultations, we will do a discovery chat and get to know what you are looking for in terms of coverage, services and products. I can also tailor your collection... I offer a-la-carte items to build your collection.

Booking and payment: I offer a choice of plans with 3 equal installments or a 50/50 payment split - After a $1000.00 non-refundable retainer is received followed by your electronically signed contract.

I hope that this wonderful read has helped you understand the process with my wedding collections and options, what I offer, and how they work. If you would like further information about my availability for your date, along with detailed wedding collection pricing and booking process please send me a message on our Contact page.

I look forward to the chance to make your day a memorable one.

I cannot wait to hear from you and celebrate soon!


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