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YOUR WEDDING PLANNING | Photography Investment | ALLIE MILLER WEDDINGS - The Collections

I have been wanting to write a piece that will help our couples obtain an insight about the process behind our 'Day Of Wedding Collections' First and foremost, number one priority is the value we offer behind this investment, and that is what your wedding day photography becomes when you book with Allie Miller Weddings...

Your investment with Allie Miller Weddings starts at $3495.00*

Obviously, as a wedding professional, I am aware with all wedding day planning, there are many intricacies coming into play.

While keeping mindful of a realistic budget that will allow for the costs involving all deposits, venue, vendors, wedding dress, [...all the details] there will also be the various events leading to the day such as an engagement parties, announcements, invitations, bachelorette 'girls weekend', rehearsal dinner festivities, bridesmaids/groomsmen gift packets as well as travel and honeymoon amongst many others.

Your planning journey should be one of fun and easy in nature and, not stressful! Okay, fine... A little stress will be present... Who are we kidding? The process in order to design these collections, I've connected my knowledge of timelines that become the most popular in the flow of the day in account to provide the best experience for your day!

I have photographed weddings and related events over a decade and we have learned the type of services and products that are required for an average day of celebration.

That said, our expertise and style allows us to deliver an experience beyond what is expected. Offering three collections for wedding day coverage which have been designed for 6,8 and 10hr day with services and products for every fit.

I will start with the most simple, my most basic Collection: Rose Quartz which comes with 6hr coverage that leads with one photographer capturing essential preparation moments following the ceremony and all highlights in reception [including all your formals and creative portraits [usually at sunset].

The Rose Quartz is a perfect fit for couples seeking the basic essentials of coverage without blowing their budget, or compromising their beautiful professional wedding photography for their day. Included in this option are professionally edited High Resolution digital downloads [print release and lab recommendation} complemented with a Basic engagement session when booking.

Need more coverage time? Interested in products? Let me introduce the Amethyst Collection it starts at 8 hours of coverage, leads with 2 photographer. Also, wedding day timeline planning, a choice of complimentary engagement session along with your Hi-Res digital downloads of the day [+ print release] and a beautiful 10x10 linen cover16 pages wedding album to compliment your wedding day experience. Better yet, Sneak Peeks of the day within 72hrs from your day. As an added investment, our wedding albums can be further customized with either leatherette, or leather covers in an array of color choices [how cool is that?!]

Below a Sample 10x10 Album Sample with Golden Embossed Lettering and 50 pages

Lastly, for my couples looking for a complete experience for their day with coverage, services and products. The Turquoise Collection - offers a 10 hour day with other special perks [ perfect for most destination weddings]

This collection is one of the most favorite investment chosen - That said and depending on the dynamics as well as destination area will offer my couples flexibility in their value along with 2 photographers, along with wedding day Timeline planning, a complimentary Signature engagement and bridal [or 1year anniversary ] sessions along with Hi-Res images delivered via download and USB [Shown Below] Finally included is your LUXE Linen-Textured print package.

One of the best products is your heirloom 11x14 Linen Cover album with 20 pages [or choice one 10 x10 16 pgs. for the couple and 2 '6x6's' 16 pgs. parent albums] Your Sneak Peeks of the day within 24 - 48hrs from wedding.

[ As an additional investment - album cover is customizable with either leatherette or leather material instead of linen ] See below...

USB | Wooden with case

Thinking of You

As I mentioned, planning can become overwhelming, I am here to help! This will make the best decision for your day!

No matter what your day is like, let me know what you are looking for in terms of coverage, services and products, I also offer a-la-carte items you can add to your collections.

I offer a choice of plans with 3 equal installments or 50/50 payment split - Once your $800.00 retainer is received followed by your signed contract. I hope that this wonderful read has helped you understand the process with my wedding collections and options, what I offer and how they work. If you would like further information about my availability for your date, along with detailed wedding collection pricing and booking process please send me a message in our Contact page.

I look forward to the chance to make your day a memorable one. I cannot wait to hear from you and celebrate soon!

Biscuits & honey y'all!


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