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'My Style' -The Whys - Why I emulate Film? Why Fuji400H? Why Am I so Obsessed with color + textures?

My Photographic Style...

One may ask: Why write about photographic style? Because, photographic style is a lot more than what meets the eye for my clients and for myself and I am an educator at heart!

My style was born from tru-to-life colors and textures, I also mix that film-like feel in all my work - Let me begin by saying that this was not developed overnight.

Understanding the photographic community. Clearly in the wedding industry is pulled apart by the way the photographer comes across with their work, their editing style, their posing - It takes years to develop not just a style... But, in a niche that you are the best at, your style is ALL!

Personally, weddings and portraiture including commercial work have stolen my creative heart! And when clients are looking for a professional photographer during their planning stage for this very important day, the search may focus in the many senses. It all comes to a 'feeling' to the photographer's style as it'll be fitting to their personality, liking and vibe!

I am extremely fortunate, my couples more than love my work while making that one decision to retaining me for such special day/event.

My clients value my style, services, and the caring feel I provide as they are seeking some guidance, structure, experience, and professionalism that will be part of their experience with us.

Let's dive in on the whys, shall we?

Why am I so obsessed with color + textures?

Shooting film and having been 'exposed' to the different film types through the years and their developing process, its dynamics and then the transition process to digital allowed me to discover that one thing - Digital offers: the ability to see an image right away.

However, this digital imaging has made photography fast paced, fast delivered and an instantly rewarding process, the film process has taken some sorta of a back seat [in a way] - I want to still keep it relevant!

While Film photography still an art form that I deeply enjoy and offer in my services, it is in essence coming back is making short strides in the industry, and while it realistically and dynamically in business, it truly has welcomed higher amount of digital camera users. Film is never dead, and emulation is still valid!

Understanding, that with the digital process and the many programs available to edit these images, not only started derating the colors and the textures in many captures taken with natural light and flash. But, also has made the process mindless by many - Yielding to digital camera users to high amount of exposures because perhaps one of them will be the lucky shot. This is what is called 'spray and pray' - Experience allows you to aim at the right image and getting the one shot wanted to tell that story.

Film in its purest form, is extremely intentional and slow paced and certainly one thing film ALWAYS offered was the gorgeous grain, along with the ability to think-thought the process of capturing the image one wanted.

While in digital process, 98% of the captures are in such depth of detail - [which is fantastic for commercial and product work - No lie! ] - And, although there is nothing wrong with that detail in photographic process; when it comes to weddings and family portraiture, I personally romanticize all color's richness in its natural state, the light and airy feel, the softness and large part of me does not agree with a washed out feel or overly warm photos (But, of-course - think of the mood at that instant) For example, imagine a wedding gown with such delicate details in the lace work and design that because of poor process it may look like a white un-detailed garment?

In my years of capturing weddings, I know that the reason why brides choose to invest in their gowns, is the romantic textures, fabrics and feel to touch - Yes! I am the person who wants to capture that... This is a clear example of a very important detail in my workflow... This is why I am obsessed with color and textures.

Why Fujicolor Pro 400H?

In the past precise quality of film the FCP-400H offered superb color reproduction, I have chased the emulation of the FUJICOLOR PRO 400H brand for years and finally found the one company that offered it, and ever since I implemented it in my workflow - When I was thinking of the constant in my work for my clients, my style was re-born.

This emulation offers sensitivity to light, and provides everything from versatility and highly flexible film feel with enhanced color reproduction to a certain sharpness with a smooth, fine grain.

This is how I can re-produce that feel without having to have my clients incur in the higher cost in process for film photography. A value to my clients and a beautiful process for my artistic soul. Still, I offer 20 minutes of the day in JUST ANALOG FILM as an add-on. Because, I want to make sure they take away the real FILM feeling with them into their space, a way to enjoy the true nature of ANALOG FILM in their prints.

Why I emulate Film?

Why emulate? By obvious reasons stated such as time, efficiency, cost effectiveness and style! Although, i'd shoot your wedding in FILM if you'd like...

To demonstrate this better, above is the processing of one of my images above:

This is straight out of my camera. It is a beautiful image taken at a park in mid-sun daylight in the summer - The original on the left shows normal shadows, summer greens in grass, all sunny/heat induced warm tones - Is it a good picture? By all means and purposes, yes, it is till a good picture. However, in my digital emulation process shown on the right of the same image I have applied the FCP-400H - Nothing more - Nothing less - You will notice a certain softness and pleasing muted tones.

You can also appreciate clarity in colors of all highlights and the appropriately controlled color-saturation in the shadows to allow rendering of the subject with a feeling of three-dimensional realism with true to life colors!

Here is the beauty of digital emulation that I bring to my work when you hire me - The process relies on the faithful color reproduction of any given scene under a wide variety of lighting.

When printing images that are emulated with my process it will deliver uniformity and efficiency with gorgeous tonality that is so close to the FILM process...

I am so thankful to be able to explain - Being a professional I want to bring understanding in the work and experience I provide. I believe this is very important to you: my client.


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