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Cayden + Trey | Surprise Proposal | Big Rock Landing, Morehead City, NC | Engagements | NC Weddings

Thursday late evening, a phone call comes in - as I answered... A voice - It was Trey looking frantically for a photographer for Saturday to capture the surprise proposal to Cayden [ his girlfriend ] - His plans fell through... He had a boat planned, video and photography - Photographers had a last minute emergency and were unable to make it... The same with video person and the boat captain had also pulled out - All of this within 48 hrs of the go time.

I was available, I assured him that he would have the proposal captures and we will do the best we could to make it happen.

Saturday - They traveled Friday from the Raleigh area just a regular trip[ to the beach - A weekend to rest and go get some good eats and go for a boat ride... normal stuff for them...

Why BRL? Because he is a fisherman at heart and loves to fish, loves the waters and the Eastern Coast! Oh! and Big Rock is a meaningful staple for both. A random dinner date at Southern Salt in the waterfront - But, first a walk through the area to take in all the beauty - Why not?

I hid in plain sight - Cayden had no clue and so he dropped on one knee and asked and SHE SAID YES!

After all the sweet words and emotions we headed down to the dock area near by and captured a few pictures, Cayden naturally overwhelmed - She share her moment via FaceTime with best friend and family - and they headed down to dinner. Cayden said: "She kind of knew, but really didn't "- Obviously overjoyed and surprised!


Calling her best friend!



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