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Sarah + Ryan | la Venture Grove in Switzerland, Fl | Destination Engagement + Weddings

Cannot hardly wait for Sarah and Ryan to tie the know on Halloween weekend this year in Florida. They chose Halloween, because it is Sarah's most adored holiday - Ck out her ghost tattoo below... She is a mega-fan!

I visited them this summer, as we reviewed their plans for the intimate and laid back celebration that will take place at La Venture Grove [ a citrus grove - with beautiful history!] it is located along the St. John's river.

The six acre property sits on the east side of the St. Johns river promising breathtaking waterfront sunsets. There are beautiful 500+ year old oak trees draped in Spanish moss scattered amongst the property. The home was built in 1880 by the Moremen family and still boasts its original siding, flooring, windows, and doors.

For Sarah and Ryan's day - it will be a day shindig, with good music and eats.

I cannot really wait to celebrate this Florida destination wedding!


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