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Delivering Wedding same day 'Sneak Peeks' is very essential to me [I know these matter to you]

By that, I mean I aim to make sure you get some immediate sneak peek portraits the same day of you wedding - Oh! My heart drops... The Sneak Peeks, these are all to me!

I still make sure to post Instagram stories the same day or within a day of the actual wedding.

I have learned weddings are a magical time for my couple and their guests, and they should be receiving their sneak peeks while still being so fresh, and these will hold my couple excited until a full gallery is delivered from 45 working days post wedding. [Other photographers' average is 6-10 weeks] - Your 'Sneak Peeks' are downloadable - How amazing is that?

It has become a tradition to continue to do this every season for couples booking my Amethyst and Turquoise collections - I love providing these because of the sheer joy I’ve seen in countless couples and their families! It is part of the experience with the moments captured this same day.

Here are some of the benefits from having a quick turnaround with our sneak peeks for you:

  1. Your experience is enhanced because you are seeing wedding images while still experiencing those little wedding butterflies. In your own APP.

  2. You will always remember the “last touch,” which, in my case, is might be that IG stories or the text with a couple of portraits, the same night or next morning.

  3. You will enjoy and be excited to tag/show the IG stories to friends and family as well as to share on other platforms you may use.

  4. Your vendors will be so happy to share your day - because sharing their work with their audience is kinda making you a 'Rockstar' in your own right.

  5. My Blog will be live with your wedding in 48hrs - It will contain the many details and images of your gorgeous day as well - the link can be shared anywhere [social media/text/embedded and will make those who were there and those unable to attend, continue to be part of the excitement with your story along with it.

I mean , these are the moments I want to keep alive for you all!

"And this is a photograph... A window to the past


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