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Sarah + Jamie | Beaufort, NC Engagement Session | NC Wedding Photographer | Allie Miller

This fall we will be celebrating one of the sweetest and very intimate [ along backyard wedding styles ] instead along Taylor's Creek at their family home.

Two very busy humans, who have been together, sharing life and family! Jamie and Sarah have decided to have a celebration to gather family and create these new memories as a family of three [ they have the most beautiful baby...]

Sarah and Jamie are lovers of the coastal life as well as the outdoors in the mountains, and they spent quite the times hiking, fishing and just connecting with nature. Sarah is a lover of Oysters [yes! there will be many details implicating this love for them at their wedding] I am so excited.

We took these pictures on the same grounds where the wedding will be held, there was no better background that connected to their vibe so organically such as this. And so it was!

Also, the chasings after a sailboat at the end of our session may have occurred, I cannot tell you!



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