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Kelly + Scott | Engagement Session | Beaufort, NC | Destination Weddings by Allie Miller Weddings

How they met:

A special shout out to Hinge for bringing these two together by a fluke chance. If you aren’t familiar with the dating app users can set a mile radius so that only people in that radius shows as available. Well, Kelly had set her radius to 25 miles and somehow Scott had slipped in…from 160 miles away.

Kelly first liked how odd Scott’s answers were to prompt questions. Namely, “What is a conspiracy theory that you believe?” to which Scott answered “birds aren’t real” (she still has yet to figure out his logic).

She also is a sucker for cute animals and Josie definitely stole the show. Scott liked that Kelly had animals of her own, although suspect of her cat Cheeto, which he has now come to love. Since it was the peak of COVID the two held off from meeting in person for a couple of weeks, but continued to text and get to know each other. They decided to meet up in person in Raleigh and since Scott was craving waffles, they decided IHOP was the best option.

After some great conversations they didn’t want the date to end and the only other place that was open was a Mexican restaurant. After a waffle and 1 sip of a margarita, Scott felt like it was time to spill his soul and revealed he had some strong nerdy tendencies like playing Dungeons and Dragons and painting Warhammer figurines. Kelly was caught off guard by the spilling of Scotts guts, but thought it was hilarious. And so the rest is history.

The engagement:

In December of 2021, the two decided to take the leap and move in together. The roughest adjustment was for Josie who gained a very excitable and energized 90 pound black lab, Dixie. Scott has always said that he knew he loved Kelly after their second date. Kelly knew that she had met her person after the Dungeons and Dragons confession and a memorable Thanksgiving trip to Virginia with 2 cats and a dog. (In case you couldn’t imagine, cats do not travel well).

On a very private moment on March 19th of 2022, Scott decided to take things to the next level. Kelly had given Scott absolutely no detail on what she was looking for in a ring and had no clue what was coming. After saying a no-brained “Yes” and wiping away initial shock and surprise, Kelly’s first words were “you sneaky S.O.B.” Scott is always catching Kelly off guard and this one was truly one of his bigger surprises.

After the two went to a nice dinner in Swansboro and Face-Timing family during the entire drive. And so here they are - planning a wedding for next February in Wilmington!

Make up/Hair by amazing Megan Heber -


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