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Wedding Investment | Are intimate Weddings & Elopement Photography worth the Investment? Absolutely!

I will say it again, Yes! Absolutely!

Since 2020 many of us have learned to adapt and overcome.

People were still getting engaged and being married around the globe. In the years 2020-2021 alone - 2.6million couples will have a wedding celebration of some sort and they will be married! Source CNN

How is it worth your investment?

Well, I cannot speak only for my side of the experience I provide, whether be a 4, 6, 8 or10 hr wedding - But, in my 12+years providing clients with services and working alongside other vendors, the investment is very well worth it.

Things such as your cake, your dress, his suit, the florals, all the other details, the food and entertainment provided with seasoned pros - they will accommodate your requests specially because it is a smaller scale celebration!

Weekdays are the best to have these very special celebrations - with higher availability and better pricing for rentals and venues, and many of the wedding vendors offer special pricing as well -

No matter how small - from 15 and up to 50 people - 4-6 hrs day - it still deserves the same attention and care as a big day and nothing less! Investment starts at $2995.00 plus taxes

Why not? Because it is a smaller celebration - some couples may feel like they are less than deserving of the pretty day that involves a professional photographer, a well designed floral arrangements, invites, incredible + great food, cake, drinks and good entertainment?

Look, even if you are planning a 30 - 50 guests in attendance , perhaps a small or no bridal party involved, you will still reminisce on this day and be glad you did it the proper way, because you are all worth it: your family and chosen friends/guests are too!

That said - I offer special collections for these weekday celebrations that will include 4-6 hrs in continuous coverage

The investment in these include - your coverage with one photographer, your downloads [with print release and lab recommendation] and sneak peeks delivered digitally.

All the musts to fulfill your magnificent day with no compromise in professionalism or your wedding experience.

I hope this little entry enlightens your thoughts on going minimal and not forgoing all the beauty and fun of a wedding day for yourselves!

Looking forward to providing services for you and delivering the experience you deserve for your intimate day!

Below is a beautiful example of a small wedding with 50 guests -This one was a beachside celebration.




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