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BACKYARD WEDDINGS ARE FIRE! | Minimony Planning Ideas | Luxury Shindigs | Allie Miller Weddings

In the spirit of MicroWeddings & Minimonys... If you love the outdoors, it is possible you will be thinking about having a backyard wedding or a wedding outdoors at your chosen venue - either way you decide to go, you are just doing OK! It is simply a matter of personal choice, considering all space restrictions, hours, weather as well as parking for guests amongst other details. Maybe you’re after the sentimental factor of having the big day at a place you grew up, or somewhere that means so much to the two of you. Surely a personal choice!

How about wanting to gather your family and closest friends around for an intimate day that feels like more of a celebratory dinner party? Perhaps, you’d like to have it at home to cut the cost of a traditional venue and you get to choose whatever date you so desire (without having to wait until a spot on a calendar opens up in three years).

Backyard weddings are wonderful when having a very intimate wedding 40 or less guests, possibly not more than 4 hours with the atmosphere that will reunite friends under bistro lights, fire pits and dinner al fresco to cool music playing in the background.

The cost - Well, this is not to say that your will allocate a senseful budget, however it is challenging for some couples and their families to spending the average 35k to 75k dollar wedding cost - it can be done in amazing taste - I mean, it is a wedding celebration after all, right?

Whatever the reason, I LOVE all the choices and customization that can compliment and orchestrate your backyard wedding.

If you decide for one - plan in having good lighting installs, plan the date with weather in mind, find a good caterer that offers servers and good help to clean up and such - Choose nice rentals - I mean having a celebratory ceremony, with a good dinner to follow... Be mindful and set whatever mood you’re after!

Do you want it to be playful and fun with lots of lawn games, intimate and cozy with string lights, or do you want more of a daytime garden party affair?

Consider the mood and theme you’re after and then you can start to figure out ways to tie it all together. It will be gorgeous!

In order to plan for a “Zen.” day - Do not make the mistake of not hiring a professional wedding planner for their backyard wedding. Avoiding hiring a seasoned planner who will help facilitate the process between the home and the vendors will be a costly mistake...

The reality is:

You don’t want to be the one helping the caterer get set up or advising the DJ where to put their speakers. Your still must hire professionals—and let them take that responsibility from you so you can truly be Zen + relaxed.

Also, do not forgo your photography for the day by a professional, there are some many beautiful things happening - You do not want to miss!

Below is a good example of a very 40 guest party - to celebrate a small wedding... Near the sound - Home belonged to grandparents in the 40's and has been in the family ever since - The space held a high sentimental value for the couple and their families... Rentals provided by Charming and Quaint in Newport, NC - Catering/meals/service/bartending provided by Beaufort Grocery NC The many other details were made specially by their families, bringing items that identified the family history. Oh! No cake cutting this day - Instead everyone had their own crème Brule, and there was an ice cream bar and soda floats. Everyone who stayed longer, enjoyed time together, as most of the guests were from out of town.

This is a perfect set up for a backyard wedding...

Oh! lastly ---- Make sure to consider - fire codes, noise ordinances, zoning issues, and permits. For smaller gatherings, this usually isn’t an issue, but if you’re expecting 50+ guests, we’d suggest looking into these things.

Just in case you have more than 40 friends and family coming to share this day with y'all!

Plan well, have fun!



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