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Shannon and Michael's Intimate Romantic Wedding at Historic Venue in New Bern, NC: Amelia Grove

When they first started planning their wedding, my couple knew they wanted a venue with character and history. After visiting several locations, they found the perfect spot at Amelia Grove in New Bern, North Carolina.

The venue's historic charm and beautiful surroundings captured their hearts and just knew it was the ideal place to exchange their vows.

Amelia Grove, nestled in the heart of New Bern, provided the perfect backdrop for our intimate and romantic wedding. The sprawling oak trees and lush gardens set the scene for a picturesque outdoor ceremony, while the historic architecture added a touch of timeless elegance to a special day.

Saturday was a beautiful blend of romance and history. The venue's historic charm perfectly complemented their vintage-inspired theme, and every corner of the property offered stunning photo opportunities. From the elegant ballroom where we held our reception to the tranquil gardens where we took our first look photos, Amelia Grove provided an enchanting setting for our celebration.

One of the highlights of their wedding day was exchanging our vows in the venue's charming outdoor ceremony space. Surrounded by closest family and friends, the serene ambiance of the gardens created an intimate atmosphere that made their ceremony truly magical.

As the sun set on this special June day, we took our couple for creative portraits where the historic architecture of Amelia Grove added a sense of grandeur to these portraits.

The classic elegance of the ballroom set the stage for an unforgettable evening of dinner, dancing, and celebration.

This wedding at Amelia Grove was everything we had hoped for and more.

The historic venue provided the perfect place for an intimate romantic celebration.

From the breathtaking surroundings to the timeless charm of the property, Amelia Grove will forever hold a special place as a perfect backdrop to the beginning of the many couple's journey together as a married couple.

Shannon and Michael shared a FIRST Look before their ceremony, and also the bride had a chance to see her dad as well for a first look, it was very sweet!

Shannon had some very special details incorporated in the day - She loves butterflies, and she had some heirlooms as well as a surprise pin for her dad at first dances, as the waltzed to Butterfly Kisses -

The couple during the past year experienced the loss of their beloved puppy Sidney - and he was celebrated in the details.

Lastly, the great team of vendors made this day more magical!

The Vendors: The Venue - Amelia Grove - Jenny /Katrina

The Caterer - Strange and Sons Catering Jenny

The Planner - The Penny Pincher Planner Crystal Moore

The Entertainment - Joey Warren - MHC - (910) 385-7424

The H+MUA - Salty Roots Taylor + Bonnie in Pink Bonnie

The Officiant - Always Faithful Wedding Service Christy Spain

Dress - Thornbury Brides New Bern NC


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