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Wedding + Event Photography

allie miller


about  allie + jody

"I look at you and see the rest of

my life in front of my eyes."

allie | lead photographer


Destination wedding and portrait photographer.  Allie has a deep love affair with colors and textures.

Her style involves film emulation with natural and dynamic light and her signature emotional transparency, she is very personal with her work.


She believes her job is far more than simply taking a 'photograph' [because now-a-days almost anyone can do that!] she is always seeking for that honest connection with every one of her couples, and always hopes that the feeling is mutual.

Allie is a story teller, she finds great joy in all details and dynamics of the day - She won't want to miss a beat!

Her gift is to make people happy with her work, to capture the moments that will be the best memories for you and those you love and share this incredible ride that is called: Life!

Allie, strives to provide a best experience to the extraordinary people who are planning one of the most important days in their lives. 

When she is not shooting, you can find her reading, exercising or drinking her favorite drink: Colombian coffee.

 jody | associate photographer

Jody, is a wedding, portrait, wildlife, landscape and nature photographer based in the beautiful town of Beaufort, NC.  


His first career was the NC State Parks system where he was able to see some of the most unimaginable landscapes the beautiful state of North Carolina has to offer, his love for nature and its beauty is what inspired him to start his wildlife, landscape and nature photography.

His photographic style matches Allie's perfectly and when they met, seeing their combined passion for photography was a characteristic both shared, it was no-surprise they decided to integrate their minds and skills to deliver the beautiful, everlasting memories and captures to their beloved clients.

Jody always says there is something very moving about being able to capture the beauty and happiness that couples have on their special day.  This is why is so important to do a good job every time.

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