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"sometimes you will never know the value of a 

moment until it becomes a memory" -dr. seuss.

  allie | lead photographer


I love color, light and the emotional transparency in a black and white photograph. I believe in equality and fairness in life, I have great hopes for the future, I love all animals, I enjoy a good cup of coffee and a good conversation, I am always looking for a relevant book to read and I am constantly creating reasons to travel.  


I believe my job is far more than just booking a gig, or get that number of weddings per year or simply taking a photograph, I look for the honest connection with every couple, and I always hope that the feeling is mutual.

I know I have one of the best jobs anyone can wish for, I am a modern day story-teller and so grateful that my photography business is what it is today because of amazing people just like you!

My gift is to make people happy with my work, my gift is to capture the moments that will be the best memories for you and those you love and share this incredible ride we call: life!

I am a searcher and I am continuously striving to provide a best experience to the extraordinary people who are planning one of the most important days in their lives. 

   jody | associate photographer

Let me tell you about Jody,


He is an extraordinarily skilled photographer and based out of Beaufort, NC.  His first career was with the NC State Parks system where he was able to see some of the most beautiful landscapes that NC has to offer and so the love of nature and its beauty is what inspired him to start his landscape and nature photography.

His style for portraiture and weddings matches mine perfectly and 
seeing our combined passion for photography was a characteristic we both shared, it was no-surprise that we decided to integrate our minds and skills to deliver the beautiful, everlasting memories and captures our beloved clients.

In Jody's own words "There is something very moving about being able to capture the beauty and happiness that couples have on their special day"

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