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Sami + Matt | Beaufort, NC Engagement Session | Allie Miller Weddings | NC Wedding Photographer ©

“Life is not always smooth sailing, but it’s the storms weathered together that make US stronger”

OKAY! Without saying too much… On 08.12.23 life changed for Sami and Matt - the past year both have been facing something that no one should’ve ever experienced - They were hit by a drunk driver - and, this has been a true challenge in their lives as they were both critically injured. This unfortunate trial has tested their strength both, physically and emotionally. Although these challenges have been all big and small, learning to lean on each other, and loving as hard as it needed to be has become the triumph for this extraordinary couple and their families. Every hurdle has been overcome and has only deepened their bond - and, it stands true that they were meant to be together and they are so amazing and so strong!

Here’s to love, resilience, tenacity, acceptance, and the journey that brings lovers closer every day. 💍 In late May this year they will be married in a very intimate setting. This inspiration will be surely lived for many seasons to come, I just know it!

We cannot wait to celebrate this love and this amazing time in their lives!




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