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Jacqueline + Andrew | Wrightsville Beach, NC Engagement Portrait Session | Allie Miller Weddings | North Carolina Wedding Photographer

I spent Sunday evening with Jacqueline & Andrew (and their pup “Kodak”) for a stroll in Wrightsville Beach, NC. It was the perfect mix of love, fun and simply being present with each other.

We will be celebrating a very intimate wedding at the end of April and it could not be more exciting, after having spent this little time with them both... I just know that it will be a magnificent time.

It was so easy to just get sand under our toes, and stroll around the area laughing and at the end of our session, we closed by having a little Prosecco as the sunset hid behind the dunes.

Here is to love - My couples are ROCKSTARS!!!

Now, - Why engagement session? an Here’s why engagement portraits are absolute gems in your love treasure chest:

1. Memories That Last Forever:

Your engagement is a special milestone in your relationship. Having professional portraits not only preserves this precious time but also gives you something tangible to look back on and cherish for years to come.

2. Showcasing Your Unique Connection:

Each couple has a unique bond and story. Engagement portraits allow you to express your personality, quirks, and love in a way that is authentically yours. From playful moments to tender gazes, every image tells a part of your beautiful love story.

3. Perfect Practice for the Big Day:

If you’re camera-shy or nervous about posing for photos, engagement sessions are a fantastic way to ease into it. You’ll get comfortable in front of the camera, learn your best angles, and build rapport with your photographer before the wedding day.

These are ONLY a few of the reasons why your engagement portraits are a definitely part of my collections!

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