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Kate + Paul | The Islander | MiniMony | Emerald Isle, NC | Allie Miller Weddings

Sunday Minimonies - A real thing y'all!

Paul and Kate celebrated with about 50 of their family and friends in a real simple reunion at @islandernc_ei - Kate had her sister and bestest friend by her side and Paul had his brother and nephew by his.

Fun Fact - 15 minutes before 5 pm radar showed a rain cell approaching and the decision was made that regardless of the few drops that will fall down, they would have their wedding outside, and they in fact DID! You can still see smiles and the guests were just so happy to be present to celebrate this special time for them.

@revangelakelley officiated this minimony - and you will see their SMILES!!! I mean - Happiness was the theme no matter what!

There is one special picture in the set - Which has young Paul - as a kid on his birthday - with the t-shirt that shows manifestation for Kate, it was a good little short story - complimented the day in unimaginable ways!

The Vendors: The Venue: The Islander Emerald Isle, NC

The Cake: Mrs. Vingerberger's

The Officiant: Rev. Angela Kelley



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