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Cat G | Same Day Bridal Portraits | Country Club Of The Crystal Coast | Allie Miller Wedding | Tulum

We have a tradition - If our timeline for the day for the day permits or not - We WILL incorporate a quick 3-5 minute solo-portraits for our brides....

Trust me - These are always a perfect way to compliment YOUR day....

YES!!!! We also offer their full sessions and a choice of bridal session with our collections with a special day set up for just THAT!

MOST of our destination brides - Choose and love to do these very everlasting and rapid pictures !!!!

Here is Cat G. Looking dazzling in her Rue De Siene Tulum gown from LOVELY CHARLOTTE,

Her gown Tulum has a classic shape with bohemian charm and signature Rue flair. With an embroidered full silk skirt, Tulum is well balanced with a fitted bodice. Illusion tulle cut outs. Now let's look at the train and that beautiful detail -

Now, Tell me about the florals??? They are to-die-for - Am I Right????

Florals were designed by Zena and Mel with Knot A Second Thought - the overall Organic/Boho/Coastal - Florals ranged from protea, anthuriums to big and tiny sun palms with accents of roses, eucalyptus, the bouquet was specially designed to complete this perfect bridal Coastal-BoHo look. EN-joy!


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