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Alice + Charles | 1890KC Wedding | Platte City, MO Wedding | Allie Miller Destination Weddings

Oh... Dear Pandemic... Let's have a little talk... Alice and Charlie were scheduled to have a beautiful wedding in Eastern NC back in October 2020 - All shifted due to Covid and they headed back to Missouri [ home ]

Plans morphed rapidly into a wedding held at home in MO - The couple rapidly booked 1890KC Eighteen Ninety Event Space & Wedding Venue along with an incredible team of vendors in the KC area.

When I first spoke to Alice and Charlie, it was magical - at so many levels, Alice trains horses and loves animals [loves SciFi] - Charlie, loves Sci-fi and has a kind nature as well - Just like Alice - I just knew we would click!

The past 18 months were pretty neat - from planning and exchanging thoughts and plans, to coordinating schedules and meets over Skype - And, as July 24th approached - I knew that this was not the kind of trip you take a flight for, so we embarked on a 2600k mile round trip - We just wanted to make sure that we were there for rehearsal and wedding day and Sunday before departing, we visited their farm and met her lovely horse and dog - it was a treat! Her colors were lavender/purples with deep reds along with black and blue toned attires for groomsmen - Groom, had Star War cufflinks to coordinate the theme they wanted to incorporate into their day - She loves Wonder Woman, but for her bridal jewelry set she wore classic sparkly accent jewelry. Her wedding ring, belonged to her grandmother [ diamonds and blue sapphire]

Their ceremony although brief, was extremely meaningful - Biblical passages were read and a sand ceremony was chosen as symbolic seal to their union witnessed by family and friends.

After ceremony and I do's our formal pictures were captured with the bridal party and families by the main house and gardens - These amazing souls braved the 97 degrees heat - We kept it all close to main-house- in order to have quick access to fluids and air conditioning...

So grateful for Grace and Laura from As You Wish Event Planning - who made sure the day flowed and it was perfect for our couple and their guests.

Alice's father - Surprised our bride with a beautiful homage - he played the guitar for her and sang her most favorite childhood song - No dry eyes in the room at this moment - it was so beautiful!

Our couple had two cakes - one for the wedding ceremony and one for Charlie who was surprised by ALice with his own featuring Boba Fett made of Red Velvet [his favorite]

As the many beautiful surprises kept surfacing, Alice walked down the aisle wearing an epic tulle cape with lace accents - so classy.

The evening was shared with a great playlist, and no real exit was done - The couple shared a last dance - and spent time in the main house with all their friends who visited from NYC - as well as her friends - They definitely made their day completely go their way! it was magical! En- joy!

KC Vendors: Venue Coordinator: Katie Roberts

Event Planner: As You Wish - Grace and Laura

Hair and MakeUp: Theresa Marie

Floral/Wreath:Good Earth Floral (Ashley)

Accent Lighting: Alpha Lit

Cookies/Favors: Miss Ruby's Custom Cookies

Catering/Bar: Brancato's

Cakes: KC Cake Lady


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