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Justin & Christopher | Asheville, NC Wedding | Allie Miller Weddings | North Carolina Wedding Ph

Where do we start? I mean really!

Gratitude, light and lots of love for Justin & Christopher Dickerson for honoring us with a very perfect wedding in Asheville this fall.

They are the owners of Nalabe - They are extraordinary wedding vendors who specialize in custom design products, calligraphy, and do event consulting. - Well, no pressure here, right?

On Saturday, their closest family and friends from close and afar were part a wonderful day -

All details were planned by the grooms - The colors chosen for this day were navy, ivories and burgundy - Grooms wore custom made suits by JOE -Joseph Abboud Custom

Included details were all made by grooms - the chalk boards, place-cards as well as other paper goods - Many of the elements in garden, patio as well as deck furniture and other decorations were styled in their vision and all was beautified with colorful greens and floral designs from Gudger's Flowers, Cake was made by Cakes By Gray in Asheville, NC

White chairs in the ceremony garden area as well as the dining tables [ dining plate, fruit wood chairs, candelabras] along with with other dining items were provided by Classic tent Rentals in Asheville, NC

Catering was provided by Corner Catering Kitchen also in Asheville, NC

Justin and Christopher's emphasis was primarily on the personal touches and the simplistic nature of their day, they only wished for everyone who attended to be able to share a day with them along with their fur baby 'Pinto Bean' who was the Guest of Honor.

This was truly one of a kind celebrations for all.

Very heartfelt and special readings during the ceremony were delivered by Christopher's sisters Miranda and Madison

A second reading was made by Michael [Christopher's uncle] he was not only the official witness, but he delivered the benediction [ Touched By an Angel - by Maya Angelou ] after the affirmation of family and friends -

The ceremony was truly traditional as Justin's groomsmaid , Jenn, and Christopher's Terah were right by their side while Christine DeWerth Stoxen officiated their wedding celebration.

Saturday was not short of laughs and happy tears - Remembering those who were close to their hearts but not physically present but in spirit. It was a very touching ceremony!

Forever #justopher

This very beautiful pair possess all of the characteristics of true love - the things that make the world better. They definitely fit together like a puzzle piece. [ in their own words]

Enjoy these images!

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