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Pete + Mayling | Beaufort, NC Elopement | NC Wedding Photographer| Allie Miller Weddings

Pete and Mayling, this is a great story. Spring 2020 When pandemic starts... Pete lived in the US but before all was shut down... But, he left for Costa Rica to sorta just to get through it. Mayling, she is in Costa Rica, because she actually lives there - They the cutest of ways... They form a life in CR - Borders opened -

Mayling graduates from Architectural School, they start to travel - and BOOM - he asks her for her hand in marriage - Spring 2023 in a beautiful, but very windy day in Beaufort, they head to court with her father and his parents - to make it OFFICIAL!

My couple and their parents, braved the 30+ mph that were sustained during the time of their ceremony and portraits.

Followed by pictures, and dinner at the 'Shackelford Room' at the 'Beaufort Hotel' in Beaufort [of course] - they will celebrate at a greater scale next spring in 2024 and we cannot wait to be there!


Happy is the place where I am close to you - Newlyweds

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