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Lizzie + Henry | First Year Anniversary Party | Country Club Of The Crystal Coast | Allie Miller 🥰

Last year Covid pushed many dates for weddings and events to be postponed or to have reunions and celebration with a lesser mandated group count.

Lizzie and Henry were not scathed, their April 2020 wedding was postponed with many restrictions for August 14th 2020 - Still, they celebrated with their parents, their wedding parties and closest family members, they did decide to celebrate grand in 2021 on their one year anniversary date in 08.14.21 - They were able to have their first dances, parents fences too, speeches and the most fun dancing - They had a band from Charlotte, NC Infinite Soul All I can say: they brought the house down! Everyone had great fun and I had the most amazing time - Dancing and documenting the night - togetherness and celebrating life and love. Henry, Lizzie’s husband jumped on stage - and with the help from his dad and brother, they serenated Lizzie - It was magical!

After the band took a short break, the incredible team from the Country Club came out to celebrate with floral collars , colored-lit wigs, and stick-lights... it was a true party then!

The extraordinary sous chef at the Country Club made a wonderful gastronomical fare that included a table with vary assorted charcuterie, a taco bar along with a shrimp and grits station. So grateful to have been able to celebrate and document Lizzie and Henry for their One Year Anniversary and also very happy to have shared these moments with families and friends... I know they will enjoy these images for times to come!



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