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Krystal + Trevor Proposal | Carolina Home + Gardens| Cape Carteret, NC | Destination Engagement

In the soon-to-be-bride's own words... "... Mother’s Day weekend I should have been in a tropical country celebrating with my mom. He should have been working in Virginia for the entire month. But as a result of COVID-19 and the stay at home orders in place, things ended up a little different and I have never been happier and am officially off of the market!

Our relationship from the very first date has been different than anything I have had in the past.

I knew early on that Trevor is the person, my person that I wanted to grow with, and spend the rest of my life with. He is a compliment to my strengths, my biggest advocate to help me overcome my weaknesses, he is the protector of my heart and for sure my biggest cheerleader in life. He is patient with my only child tantrums and dreams big dreams with me as we plan our future together.

What you don’t see in these photos is Trevor asking my parents for my hand in marriage, reaching out to one of my very best friends to capture these priceless moments, and planning every detail to make this one of the very best days of my life.

With you, I know there is a lifetime of those very best days still to come. I love you so much more.

Check out the last 2 photos to confirm that I knew the proposal was coming! I wrote him a love letter the night before to give to him afterward. Even though I thought I was prepared, at that moment when he dropped to his knee, I was so overwhelmed with emotions!..."

In my eyes - Proposal story - Trevor, contacted me [ of course all had to be very hushie-hush ] but, even tho we tried to keep it all secret - there was no-way to outsmart our girl!

Still there was an element of surprise because she was expecting it, but not truly this way! So, really early on a Saturday on Mother's day weekend I showed at Carolina Home and Gardens off HWY 24 in Cape Carteret, NC and as planned I hid - as they arrived, he had the excuse that he was looking for some japanese Maples for his mom and so they came... and browsed and took her to the spot planned - I am not sure what he said to hr, but all rapidly he dropped on one knee and proposed... It was so priceless... after the I Do we had a mini shoot around the gardens and all was so sweet to see that post-proposal glow - All ended with a note that was written by Krysta, she had already prepared for this day! Enjoy the images - This lovely pair will marry in a very intimate ceremony in the fall - We cannot wait!



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