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Cam + Stephen | Beaufort Watercraft Museum - Beaufort, NC | Destination Wedding 💕

My Bride : Classic Southern Girl who loves traditions and a hardcore NC State Fan - Lover of boats, salt-life and puppies... And loves Stephen!

My Groom: A Traditional Southern Gentleman, loves boating, he is magnificent at his career, reserved and yet fun, loves NC State Football... Loves Cameron with all his heart!


In The Words Of Cameron:

"I always like to give Stephen a hard time for eavesdropping, because if he had not been, this relationship might not have come to be.

I was talking to coworkers in the Rocky Mount office copy room, when one of them inquired on my often-recognizable, black onyx ring. She asked if it was a Peace College ring. I explained to her it was my high school ring from Saint Mary's, but that I did in fact go at Peace as well.

My coworker questioned how in the world I could ever attend both an all-girl's high school AND college and asked if was married or dating anyone. I quickly explained - I was not, and I was not looking. My coworker points to Stephen (making copies) and says, you want a good man, you should go out with that one right there! I had all but written off mankind following a previous relationship, but little did I know this fella making copies, had heard the whole conversation.

>>> (Light bulb goes off in Stephen's head…."Hmm she went to Peace, I wonder if she knows Brent's wife, Melissa) And the wheels start rolling…

A few days later, a coworker from human resources asked me if I knew Stephen Daniel. I did not. According to Stephen we had previously met a couple years prior, but no offense to him, I do not recall it 😊. I told my coworker someone else had already mentioned something about this guy, and I did not know anything about him! She asked me if he were to ask me out, would I say yes. I said, "I meannnn, I guess so – what is his story?" She briefly explained, and I told her it was fine to give him my number, BUT that he was going to have to take the initiative and be chivalrous. Later that evening, I received a friend request from Melissa Caudle (remember, one of Stephen's best friend's wives - the one who went to Peace). I knew something was going on then.

Stephen texted me on December 2, 2018. I was taken back by his ability to use complete sentences and proper grammar (attractive I thought). I waited 19 minutes to text him back…hee-hee. I will say, knowing what I know now about Stephen's heart, I am a bit embarrassed by my lackluster reply to him. I could not have sounded less interested. He proceeded to give me his schedule for the coming week. He has since admitted to giving me his whole schedule so I could not back out of a date. I am thankful for his assertiveness in this. Nine days later and a lot of texting later, our schedules worked out.

December 11, 2018 – Our first date! Stephen's famous text: "You want to ride with me, or you want to keep it clandestine?" >>> (What in the world is clandestine?...Secret?...I googled just to be sure) We rode together to Lou Reda's in Rocky Mount. Stephen had a pimento cheese burger, and I had the pulled pork sandwich (Side note: I do not recommend). Two-and-a-half-hours later, we headed back to the office. Attempts of being clandestine never lasted at Barnhill. People quickly heard of our outing. (In your head cue the song "Rumor" by Lee Brice). We look back now and laugh at how this song suited the beginning of our relationship perfectly.

We began spending time together every few days. And now more than ever, I realize that days become weeks and weeks become months. Though the pandemic has been so terrible for many, I think quarantine and stay at home orders afforded us the opportunity to spend more time together. Our summer was basically spent at the coast, boating, sunning, and enjoying the seafood we love so much. We just recently celebrated our two-year anniversary, and I keep telling Stephen the saying is so true that, 'time flies when you're having fun'. He responds, "we must be having a ball then!"

December 12, 2020 – ENGAGED – This could not have been more perfect. A strategically developed soundtrack played while we sat on the boat having a cider and eating overpriced Lowes Foods' charcuterie. We were anchored up by our favorite little island along the Bogue Sound – we have coined this as "Booty's Island" – named after our basset hound mix, Buddy. I thought to myself, well these are all my favorite songs…hmm….and you know how the rest goes…. 😊

I often think about what a different place I was at when I first met Stephen. I was not trusting, I was fine being alone, I had my walls up. And then it was like out of nowhere, this "person" I had so long prayed to find, appeared in front of me. Walls came tumbling down. The patience of Job (James 5:11). The yin to my yang. My calmness when I get frazzled. A man that puts my needs before his own. Every time. God had a plan all along. And Stephen is good. The best. Smart, giving, and authentic. All characteristics of one of my biggest heroes, my Pop. Pop would have liked Stephen."

Some of the things Cameron is so thankful for - and they were reflected all through the wedding planning and day!

1. Her Saint Mary's ring (always a conversation starter)

2. Stephen – her best friend, my love

3. Her mom - she supports us, and told him "yes, you can ask her to marry you!"

4. Speight & Faye Daniel – Stephen's parents, for raising this amazing man I soon get to call my husband. If they were here, I would tell them just that.

5. Barnhill - because if it were not for this place, Stephen and I would have not crossed paths. I had already been employed for more than 5 years and he was right under my nose the whole time. Timing is everything…and so is,

6. God's Plan [ Always!]

Below is the day highlights...

Vendors: Krystal Duncan - Planner/Coordinator - Seaside Weddings & Events

David Lloyd - Associate + Second Photographer Christy Eadie of Tres & Co. Hair Spa Simply Blush Bridal

Crystal Coast Event + Rentals Coastal Petals Floral Design - Class Act Catering

Mrs. Vingerberger Sweets - Cake Design

DJ Rodney - Entertainment

Beaufort Historic Double Decker

Harvey W. Smith - Watercraft Center - NCMM

Ann Street United Methodist Church Beaufort

Bailey's Jewelers

Remembering Loved Ones -

Butterflies were in every green that day - Their Missing loved ones were here for sure!

Cameron's Saint Mary's Ring

That Impromptu shot before the Actual shot...

The Bridesmaids Just Chatting it Up, while the boys get their Portraits...

Groom, ready to go to venue...



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