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Beth + Eileen | 'MiNiMoNy' Thursday | Pine Knoll Shores NC | Allie Miller Weddings | Love is Love 🌈

Equality is a big thing for me - Not only when it comes to love, but at many levels - There is something beautiful about seeing two individuals who love one another with such endearing energy, that life is nothing but a great space for all the love and all the in-betweens -

Beth and Eileen, are two wonderful women - They were definitely meant to be in each other's life. It is a very invigorating feeling to see families and friends together - Celebrating the love between these two souls. Their day was simply and purely reflective of them! Their marriage, was a whole week of laid back time with loved ones at The Gritty Place in Pine Knoll Shores, NC - Their wedding was held seaside - All arrangements made via Seaside Weddings and Events BY Krystal B - Florals provided by CCEPetals. island essentials brought their arbor. Cake was designed by a close family friend and Catering by Floyd's 21.

We had a beautiful time at sunset [ my favorite time ] and all followed by cake cutting and dancing...




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