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Amber + Ben | Beach Proposal | High wind or water...

Congratulations to Ben and Amber - They are engaged!

Ben and Amber and her mother are visiting from OHIO and they are vacationing in the Crystal Coast.

Ben planned it to be the special time to propose to Amber.

He did his research, of course his nerves were in high state - I mean, it is by far a very exciting time for a couple in-love.

After a conversation. and what seemed to have had a plan - The universe had plans of its own... The forecasted was supposed to be windy but not the stormy we got... Getting closer to the meeting time and of course

So, we braved change of plans, a storm, 20+mph winds, nerves and also managing the explanations as to why Ben is wanting to go to the beach when it is storming, raining and windy?

… huh? [ head scratch here] -

I opted to play the odd tourist, with beach bag and my blue storm jacket - waiting for a ride... as they passed by - I was on the 'phone' --- one hand in my cross over orange bag - ready to take the pictures... and WHAM, it happened!

She never knew...She was cool, calm and collected and a bit shy... but, you can tell that excitement - And later she figured it all out, connected the dots and of-course - it all made more sense...

Wishing this very sweet pair a great rest of vacation enjoying their engagement bliss...

I am glad for the bit of light, and their sweetness... I was able to capture some very special moments!



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