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Michelle + Chris | Destination Engagements | North Carolina | Allie Miller Weddings

The moment I receive a request from Chris W. who was seeking to have a very odd request for engagement and wedding photography - When we spoke, he started telling me his vision and thoughts, he needed to have two different days to accomplish this.

Michelle and Chris, have been 11 year in the making of this incredible union. They met via dating website, and so the journey began -

Now, Michelle could not be a happier girl these days - their plans are finally settling into place - unifying households, kids and well life all together.

We met and we walked, just for some couple portraits... And, although, Michelle - she knew this was going to happen, she never expected the moment was going to be so emotionally charged... And she would get a formal proposal from her love.

After a few nervous and excited tears, and a proposal - They popped a little bubbly, they had a little time to enjoy that newly engaged bliss and then we were off for Sunset portraits...

I know that they had a good time - because look at the love and the smiles, the feeling...

At the end of the week there will be an intimate elopement... and in a few months they will be going overseas to have a real wedding, let's celebrate them today!




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