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Angelea + Matt | Emerald Isle, NC Engagement Session | Coastal Brides | Allie Miller Weddings | Dest

The following story straight out of their wedding website in their own words!

Wrigley - Matt’s large, crazy, golden pup - is where, or better yet, how this love story began. After viewing a picture online of this precious golden pup, Matt knew that this doggo would be his best friend. The owner of Wrigley met up in Spring 2014 to send Wrigley to his forever home. Oh, and the owner of Wrigley previously? Angelea’s sister. Fast-forward to Fall 2015. Matt is zworking strenuous hours on his Master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies. Angelea is entering Davis and Elkins College. By chance, Angelea’s sister, Heather, contacted Matt - albeit they had not seen each other since exchanging Wrigley. Heather mentioned that her sister had moved to town and that the two of them should meet up. Matt proceeded to message Angelea, introducing himself, inquiring about her, and inadvertently told her that he was going to surgery the next morning (only because he was on his Orthopedic Surgery rotation). Angelea and Matt continued to exchange messages, developing a close relationship quickly. On Halloween 2015, Matt and Angelea would begin their love story. It was a simple date, to see the showing of “The Martian.” Afterwards, they would share ice cream from Dairy Queen and subsequently indulge into some Golden State Warriors basketball (by the way, nothing has changed honestly). Soon after, Matt and Angelea began dating. The next couple of years featured many ups and many downs. For Matt, he had finished clinicals for his Master’s degree, graduated from Alderson Broaddus University, passed his boards, moved to Martinsburg to practice Neurology, accepted a position at Pain Management in Elkins, started on his doctorate adventure. For Angelea, she had discovered her dream career path, celebrated being “legal,” been the bridesmaid but not yet the bride, and taken her first major job. Together, Matt and Angelea have celebrated birthdays and anniversaries, have mourned loss and forgotten friendships, have ridden every roller coaster in site - both emotional and literal, have cried and laughed, have lived and loved. And as it was just stated, all of it, together. It was apparent Matt and Angelea would “tie the knot,” although Matt held a better poker face about the prospect of marriage. Unbeknownst to Angelea, Matt had already developed the perfect set-up for the perfect proposal. September 20, 2018 - Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom - Matt had planned the dream vacation at Disney World/Universal Studios. The week was filled with family, food, and thrills. This particular day progressed just like those prior. Matt and Angelea had burned through their morning fast passes, taken in the ambiance of Magic Kingdom, toured the castle, and stuffed their faces with various sweets. Everything was normal. So Angelea thought. As Matt and Angelea traveled around the park, Matt had a friend conveniently placed, incognito, in front of the castle. Matt quickly made an exchange with his father at the restroom - the ring. Matt led Angelea to the castle, passing by his friend, who surreptitiously “filmed” the front hub. Angelea stopped to admire the castle. “You know, they do call this the happiest place in the world,” stated Matt. Angelea turned to ask if they could take a closer look at the castle. Matt obliged. “Can I ask you something before we go though?” Matt proceeded to drop to one knee (and still has the scar to prove it) and asked Angelea to marry him. Angelea’s response, you ask? “Are you serious?” Angelea laughed and happily accepted. Matt and Angelea were going to spend their life together. It was indeed the happiest place in the world. “If you can dream it, do it.” - Walt Disney

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