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Jordan + Lee | Engagement Sessions | Maysville, NC | Country Destination Photographers | North Carol

Meet Jordan and Lee - their love for horses is everything - Jordan rides horses and trains with horses, and she is done this since early age.

Lee met Jordan 5 years ago and well, the rest is history -

Jordan wanted to integrate her horses in their session and they were super stars - They stole the show - and they are absolutely photogenic - You can see them roaming randomly and staring straight at our camera, they just knew. We had to do a little bribing with mints in order to get them to collaborate - They are adorable and we are so glad they were part of this magnificent Sunday afternoon!

Jordan and Lee will have a beautiful May wedding at the gorgeous Palo Alto Plantation in Maysville, NC with 100 of their closest friends and family - We cannot wait to spend a day with them capturing their special moments!

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