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What is a bridal session?

A bridal session is a photo session focusing in the bride (no groom) in her wedding dress that takes place prior to their wedding day. It is a good time to schedule your trial run for make up and hair - A terrific time to follow on a tradition [ especially here in the south ] to endure your memories for you family to keep - And along the process will help you target anything that may need to improve - fitting issues, comfort of the gown, shoes - your bouquet as well. If you'd asked me, your bridal session is a matter of personal preference. All the years shooting weddings and while working with brides, they've told me that they were really glad they did the bridal session. It was fun and a good time to visualize what the expected from their day! Aside from being a nice trial run at walking around in your dress; and through the process, some of my brides have discovered that they needed to adjust something – whether an alteration to the fit of the dress or a tweaking of the hair, makeup, or bouquet. And these moments while shooting your session, allows you to determine all of the above. On the day of your wedding, yes! I know you'll have an opportunity to take photos of you by yourself in your dress, but it won’t be in such a leisurely and extended fashion. I personally recommend scheduling your bridal session with your chosen wedding photographer as far in advance as possible. Typically, 6 weeks out from your date to allow enough processing time in case you want to display an image or two from the bridal session on your wedding day - Whether be in a canvas or in art print.

Wedding planning is essential and your day is very important, these are special moments that you should capture.

Happy planning!

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