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Vizcaya has been one of my most favorite spots while growing up in Miami. Every time I am in town and pass by for a short visit, like seeing an old friend!

I have through the years attended parties, functions and wedding events there, I can tell you... It is magical!

Not only, I have always been fascinated with its influential history - Learning how James Deering defined the waterfront villa that for the past 100 plus years has shaped the many aspects of architecture, class, functionality and self-sustainability has been one of my guilty pleasures.

Why blog about Vizcaya? Well, unless, you know about some of the intrinsics of the Miami make up - In what in the 1900's was a thought as the perfect place for a winter home to an international harvester, it gave life to a whimsical property that will serve many uses, amongst them - one of the most sought after backdrops for many event as well as other celebrations! Vizcaya evokes classicism, by the way of its tall banyan trees which are seen in the property along with tropical gardens and sights of old European tradition make Vizcaya a perfect place for romance. I have captured through the years many images and done some projects. However, the following images I have taken them to give you a glimpse of the property.

This is a place that needs to be seen in person, you will understand why. Loving wedding planning and the way that a couple plans with many different visions, keeping in mind that there are indeed some outstanding venues nationwide and many sites to be considered to have a wedding celebration.

We really love sharing the options and we hope you enjoy the little scenes and details of Vizcaya. Happy wedding planning! **To learn more about events, weddings and services - visit

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