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Kayla + Dan | Raleigh, NC | NC Wedding Photographer Allie Miller Weddings | Summer Destination Weddings

7 years!

Fall Time - Halloween Party - College students Dan and Kayla meet randomly at party - Sparks fly ... Months passed and come January, they run into each other at a college bar...

They connect, they start spending time together... The rest is history!

Fast forward, pandemic year... They moved to Eastern NC [ they love the area and let's face it it beats the Ohio weather!]

Time passes by again, they do life as a couple, and careers take off... Here comes Milo [ a lovely Shiba Inu] he brings the joy to both... Another move due to a great work opportunity and now, Dan is ready to propose... Aruba it is, and Kayla says yes!

Here we are 2024. this summer Kayla and Dan [ & Milo] will celebrate with friends and family for their wedding day!

We cannot wait... And, neither can Milo - Look at his big smile below!



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