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Jennifer + David | A 213 West Wedding | Allie Miller Photography | NC Wedding Photographer

Life has it that when 2 souls are meant for eachother, they just unite and do life together. Jennifer and David, coming form two total different upbringings. Jennifer born and raised in New York and David raised in the south , countryside NC -

Simple story.... David took care of Jen's lawn and the rest is the fairytale.... LITERALLY Y'all! Two lucky humans, makin life the best yet. With a proposal in December 2022, and a wedding on October 2023 and in between, Everly was born :-)

Their wedding took place at 213 West in Peletier, NC - Along with 150+ friends and family - Jennifer, David, Morgan and Everly -celebrated their family union!

I will let the images speak of the day - The love and the emotion, the vibe has been way bigger than anything... I am grateful to be part of Jennifer and her family's life for many years and it was a perfect day needless to say!

The Vendors: Planning - A Seaside Weddings and Events - Jessica and Cindy [ Krystal D's team]

Floral, rentals and venue - CC Rentals, CC Petals

Vintage Rentals Charming and Quaint

MUA - Morgan Heber

RED FORD RENTAL - Karla - Red Door Enterprise

DJ - Chuck Kolb CK_Entertainment_dj

Wedding Dress - Pronovias

Wedding Country Boots - Betsey Johnson

Video/Cinematographers - When Two Become ONE



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