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Capturing the Beauty of a Party | 213 West Party | Dancing 'Through The Decades' | Event Photographer | Allie Miller Photography | NC Wedding Photographer

As a professional photographer, I have always loved capturing the special moments in people's lives. From weddings to graduations and events, the parties... I have seen most of them. But event photography while parties occur is something that intrigued me since the beginning - No wonder, I love weddings!

This particular evening, One of my local event planners [ Krystal D - A Seaside Weddings and Events] needed a photographer for an upcoming party.

On the day of the party, I arrived at the venue early to capture most details speaking of the party theme.

I walked around the space, taking note of the lighting and the angles that would work best for capturing the guests and the activities. As the guests began to arrive, I began snapping photos of them as they mingled and enjoyed the event. I certainly captured the laughter and the conversations, the smiles, and some of their outfits, making honor of the event!

Throughout the night, I made sure to get shots of all the important moments, from the details to the dancing. as well as a few candid shots of the guests, capturing their personalities and their joy.

After the event was over, I wanted to deliver photos, with a retro effect, with rich colors and textures!

Images were delivered on Monday and everyone was thrilled with the results.

I just loved the challenge of capturing the essence of an event and the emotions of the people who attended.




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