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Caitlyn + Grayson | Lewiswood Farm | Tallahassee, FL | Destination Wedding |

Caitlyn and Grayson were married in a truly classy and simple celebration at Lewiswood Farm in Tallahassee, Florida this Holiday Season.

Caitlyn and Grayson reside in Georgia and chose Tallahassee as their destination wedding spot! The many details were incorporated along with bride's mom's birthday being celebrated next day - Caitlyn surprised her with a painted canvas with her siblings and maternal grandparents, who unfortunately weren't there to witness this joyous day, and we just know their spirit were present!

Shabby, classic is the best way to explain the feel of the day - While selecting the previews for my couple I have been able to live the day through. Her colors included navy and grays and greens - accents of lace in her gown were definitely something off a fairytale. Her two cakes, making reference to the romantic side and the side of their business and likes - Dogs and hunting. Bride opted to have a first look with her dad, Jamie and her stepfather as well. It was very sweet! Caitlyn and Grayson read letters to one-another and manage to not see each-other - while they held hands - there were nerves, smiles, laughs and happy tears!

They were married under the tree, adorned with gorgeous florals and greens along with a chiffon accent across the tree's limbs. The party was off to be a fun and vivid one - Garter and bouquet tosses and toasts! At the end of the night - The newlyweds walked off under neon wands and snow. You can tell how fun it all was, by looking at the images.

Dawn C and Rachel W were commissioned shooters for this wedding day and I am just happy to be able to share some of the images of the day. Won't lie, lots of logistical love went into the weekend for both of our couples, after an unexpected scheduling challenge - Glad for vendors in my community - no couples would go unattended - We were able to shoot two weddings in two different states at the same time - such an odd occurrence, but we adapted and delivered!

Venue: Lewiswood Farm - Tallahassee, FL

Videographer - Ethan - Faith + Covenant

Photographers: Dawn C and Rachel W. Team in Tallahassee, FL Editing/Curating and Photo Logistics - Allie Miller Weddings, LLC



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