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Cait + Grayson | Tallahassee, FL | Engagement Session | Destination Weddings | Allie Miller Weddings

We are so happy to have spent time with Caitlyn and Grayson for their engagement session in

Tallahassee, Florida - at The Alfred B Maclay Park and Gardens -

I am always in awe, how my couples can brave these summer sessions - the heat and the humidity especially in Florida and North Carolina. Still have a vibrant smile and disposition - then again - getting married and planning for it is such a happy time - that no matter what comes their way. Look at these faces? Just joyful and fun!

This sweet Georgia couple is having their beautiful Southern wedding at Lewiswood Farm in Tallahassee, FL.

Caitlyn is an orthodontic technician, and in her spare time she trains and takes care and fosters dogs. Her dream is to own enough land to open a kennel/shelter... And this dream is slowly coming true... She adores nature, animals - She even wanted this bunny at the park, because she wanted a picture of it with her - Although the bunny allowed her to be very close, she knew bunny had to be left alone and she settled for just a portrait of the bunny...

Grayson, he smiles a lot and he enjoys nature as well as working on cars - He is currently working on a project muscle car that he is aiming to have ready for their wedding - He shares much of the love that Cait has for animals and dogs.

They are both very simple and laid back in nature, Cait did away with her wedges mid-session, just because feeling the grass beneath her feet is something she loves.

I am looking forward to their December wedding with all family and friends - Cannot wait to share this extraordinary wedding day in my Blog.


Caitlyn really, really wanted a picture with the bunny - On second thought she didn't want to stress the bunny and so we settled for a portrait of it... [ By the way he let her get really close... ]


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