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Adorn Collective Workshops | Taylor Johnson | Behind The Scenes | Ships Of The Sea Maritime Museum |

We spent time with Styled Shootout/workshop mastermind Taylor Johnson and Film Photographer and Mentor Danielle Hutchinson in Savannah, Georgia at the Ships Of The Sea Museum.

We all know Savannah, Georgia is the prime spot for out-of-a-romance-novel destination weddings.

Our participation allows us to create the behind the scenes still photography and also to support the workflow of some of the workshops, It is open to all photographers to sign up, and when they sign up, attendees do for various reasons such as networking, portfolio building, practice as well as to come and get used to a better flow in a wedding day while in a more paced atmosphere.

I personally feel, that in our community when working together offers tremendous networking benefits for photographers, creatives as well as our potential clients - So these styled shootouts/workshops are truly essential for continuing education - Also while having a seasoned mentor it offers a great accessible opportunity.

This event is the one of many Adorn Collective Workshops which are carefully curated educational series that include multi-day workshops, styling workshops, mentorships and styled shootouts.

Adorn Collective Workshops takes pride is creating the best of the best for photographers and stylists.

All of the workshops include networking events and lifelong vendor friends. For more information

It was great to see all these creatives working their magic, sharing tips and building new friendships.


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