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Your Wedding Gown & Accessories | Allie Miller Weddings | NC Wedding Photographers | Wilmington

Congratulations - You are engaged, and with this amazing milestone comes one of the most important life changing moments in one's world... Your weddings - You will become a wife, a partner and soon a mother and your own family will grow! First things first, make sure you find a beautiful venue and great vendors [ a professional photographer, of-course!] to orchestrate the perfect day! That said, your gown and bridal accessories [ shown - accessories - headpiece and earrings by Ida Lou Weddings ] will be important, why? Because when you become a mother, your kids will look back on this day when dad and mom got married and these items will be the heirlooms that you children may want to wear and use on their day to commemorate and celebrate you - as generations pass, we love to inherit these pieces, they take a life of their own, and everlasting bit of family history...

These images reflect, the happiness we girls experience, in the gown, the one that gives you the "feels" - most often than never - it happens in the right gown - It is an indulgence indeed, like good fine chocolate, like that latte, or that one thing you love so much to wear...Well, the only difference I that your bridal gown, will make you feel like you've always dreamed about - That will be YOUR day and yours only - Make sure you choose and invest in the right gown - remember you will need comfort, beauty, glam, class and above anything - you deserve the best! We want to thank our friends at The Wedding Dress Shoppe ( Especially - Gina, Barbara and Roberta) in Wilmington, NC for allowing us to take these images and play with this gorgeous Eve of Milady gown.

Thanks to Kelly Marie with Silver-Ceiling Beauty & Consulting [ Make Up and Vision & Modeling ]

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