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When you book any of our standard wedding collections, we offer a complimentary engagement session -

We feel it is important to get to know you once you choose us to capture your day and what better way to do it! Scheduling your engagement session is easy -

But, first we have some advice to be ready the day of your session...

As you have started doing your research on what to wear for your own Engagement Session. you may come across, the 'Oh, so-cringe-worthy' and 'awkward images', in websites and social media posts...

Then, you ask yourself: "OMG, No-way! Seriously, how did they wear that?" The reality is, that it happens!

The key is planning... We all want and have seen the pictures, The ones that simply will take your 'breath away'.

So, you really want to make sure yours fall under the - WOW and the YEAHs kinda-feeling and well, we can tell you that if you hired a skilled professional photographers for your wedding, you will have nothing to fear! Here are a few tips to help make sure you don't wear 'the cringe worthy' outfits.... Here is a little help:

1. Do NOT wear anything that may possible make you uncomfortable!

Good piece of advice: dress in something comfy, while keeping a good classic feel.

We usually, recommend my soon to-be-bride and groom, to have two outfits:

* One a little dressier than the other - Although, not every bride to be will wearing short skirts and heels... We know that these are not as comfortable and you can see it in the faces [ we usually recommend bringing comfortable shoes and at the time of the picture, we will change them on the spot ] - They are uncomfortable! This is our method. Now, as far as super short dresses and skirts - We will try to avoid these - We always making sure our beautiful brides look awesome in flattering clothes, while still preserving the classic and gorgeously sexy! Oh, and Yeah! Please, keep in mind to be YOU at all times!!!! Always a winning combination so far!

2. Let's Match Outfits! - Let's NOT!

Okay, here is the tricky thing people! While matching and perhaps attempting to coordinate colors can be cute, we must deter and avoid the whole matching 'tees with jeans and khakis'. Honestly, it has been done up too much and it really ruins a great picture! Our honest opinion on this, is that my groom's outfit must always compliment the theme and sense of my brides threads with fashion style Also, depending where we have chosen to shoot, we are definitely going for some colors that in combination, go along with non-so-loud-patterns and we should make sure these favorite all skin tones. While planning your amazing outfits we will refrain from anything that free advertises any brands or loud labels for designers too! 3. Please... Say NO to Neon Colors

Avoid any Neon-luminous-colors! It will look better and helps avoid color casts on your skins tones.

4. Make Sure Your Clothes Fit You - Nothing Baggie or Overly Tight Wear. We want to capture your very best, and clothes that don't fit well, or are bulging are really not flattering at all.

Although, we are aiming for comfortable clothes, we do not want them to reflect any of the yoga type or lounge wear either. Remember: Classic, dressy, chic as well, Now, on chosen clothes, we DO want them to be fitting and snug, but never constricting - Even, if we can use Photoshop... That is not the purpose of your session.

The intent is far more purposeful, your session should reflect you and your mate in love, having fun and looking absolutely your BEST! Like a well deserved date day!

5. Make Sure To have Great Hair and Make Up - Possibly Professionally Done -

There are no true explanations, it just make sense - Get decked out - Remember, this is like a FIRST DATE - Hope these points help you plan your session - Always, know you can consult with your photographer for further ideas! ENJOY!

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