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Tara & Gray | Destination Wedding | Naylor Hall | Historic Wedding Venue | Roswell, GA | Allie

We were excited to close the year with Tara and Gray, who had decided to get married back in the summer time, however they opted to have a more formal shindig near the end of November to celebrate their union with family and friends at Naylor Hall in Roswell, GA This was not the standard wedding timeline - It was so unique, Gray wore a kilt from ( ) that had been made specially for him - since he has Scottish heritage.

Tara wore the customary wedding gown, along with a shawl that had been had crafted by one of her closest friends for this special day.. After formal pictures were taken with immediate and extended family - The introductions were made and it was straight to dancing -

The Klause' Band Kamp was en-charged of the incredible beats for the evening - they played British pop, 80's and old rock and roll covers and made sure that not a single guest stayed put in the tables.

A delicious food fare was provided by Atlanta's own - Chef Cary's Cuisine

Heather Vaughn baked amazing goodies - cupcakes and other baking goods - A coffee bar accompanied the dessert table. The venue was beautifully decorated for Christmas, and all its details adorned the historic home all throughout. This was with no doubt an amazing day for both families and friends. We loved this destination party!

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