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Same Sex Real Wedding-Styled Wedding | Allie Miller Weddings | Orlando Wedding | PRIDE WEDDING 🌈

Can a real wedding happen before the real date? Yes! at so many levels!

Due to Covid back in 2020 this lovely pair had to postpone their nuptials due to all social restrictions. We had the opportunity with planner and florist Annie with Modern Chic and Events, and The Universal Studios Double Tree Hotel to provide an experience to prepare them, as well as to deliver something they felt to celebrate their special day that never happened last year.

They celebrated with o'dourves prepared by the catering team at the hotel. Their makeshift reception room, had a gorgeous cake by The Cake Studio Orlando - A dining table for the couple was arranged by Gala Rental in Orlando, Florida - The ceremony site held in the main patio at the hotel - was created by Jose with Dapper X Artistry where they both shared a dance was beautiful decorated in Olive Greens and Gold -

This was all complimented by a video by PB&JFilms At the end the couple enjoyed a good glass of Whiskey on the rocks...

I was so happy to be part of this time for them, it made them very happy and was specially amazing to have worked with the team of professionals in the Orlando Area. Just love traveling to create and deliver an experience!




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