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Dawn + Bret | Intimate Beach House Ceremony | Seaside | Destination Weddings | Allie Miller Weddings

Dawn and Bret decided to have a MicroWedding in Emerald Isle, while also vacationing for the week! Her 5 children were part of the bridal party - 3 boys belong to the groom and the bride had her two girls, Chloe and Claudia. Second Wind in Emerald Isle offers so much for a celebration that is small and very intimate - Crystal coast Rentals had a beautiful set up by the ocean - Food was provided by the best Local Seafood Businesses - and they were some incredible non-alcoholic specialty punches The weather was perfect - The wind was a present and gentle, and so grateful for low heat on this day and lovely cloud coverage, the Universe answered our prayers! We even had the most romantic and sweet Crystal Coast Sunset! Our newlyweds went for a little stroll, spending a little one-on-one time... Coordination was all possible by Krystal with A Seaside Weddings and Events and her team - Our couple was focused in getting portraits that revealed their family an children... Nothing was so important aside from the details.. I was so very honored to be there, and glad to have been chosen to capture this very special day for both of them!



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