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Costa Rica Destination Wedding | Mackenzie + Robert | Pura Vida Gardens | Allie Miller Weddings

Wow! Where to begin telling you how this weekend unfolded?

This weekend... Simply, did! 20 guests - Mackenzie and Robert - Shared a simple wonderful late afternoon celebrating life. The ceremony was preceded by a Reiki session that prepared our bride for the special moment. The prayers and intentions by Lisa T opened her heart and senses which flowed to God, and therefore a channel bridged for the Divine Presence in the room at Carara Ocean View Hotel.

Kalli with KC Makeup Artistry Jax made our bride look more beautiful for her special day! Using flattering earthy tones to maintain a natural look [ Helps to mention that they are really close friends - Kalli knew exactly what Mackenzie wanted ] and it was a great, like I mentioned... This leap year weekend was all about grounding, healing and tremendous happy vibes... Everyone who was here had so much care and love for the couple, that it made it much more incredible!

Our bride had chosen two dresses for her day - One for the ceremony which was picked by her daddy and the other one was hers which she also loved for the dances, and dinner time. Jewelry, had the most meaningful sense, earrings that belonged to her grandmother and her beautiful necklace [ which had blue in it ] was borrowed from her mother in law - She chose a very comfortable pair of elegant sandals with rhinestones by Andiamo that matched her gowns.

Our bride's mom, made sure all the last details were in place, her gown... Sandals, last check on hair and makeup before heading to the venue - Pura Vida Garden's - Where Stefanni and the team at Adventure Dining, had prepared details, florals, cake and dinner and our bride's favorite - Jugo de Guanabana! Our couple were married overlooking the tallest waterfall found in Costa Rica along with a 360 view of the dense forest and the mountains as they meet the Pacific ocean. It was a sunny day with a temperatures that neared 86F, but with a cool breeze accompanied the day. After the I Dos, and before sunset we grabbed out couple and their families for formal portraits, and then obtained beautiful images looking at the coast with a peek of the sunset, before heading plattform to the overlook the mountain and the lovely colors that nature gave as a gift for the evening. The owner of the venue, David surprised our newlyweds with fireworks, it was truly a sight! Dances followed with a little cake cutting and laughs, everyone was having a good time talking and enjoying some coffee with dessert. Ahhh, Let's just go back soon!



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