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Abby + Glenn | Wedding By The Sea | Emerald Isle, NC | Minimony 💒

My job is pretty amazing, as a photographer going beyond booking the day and taking the beautiful pictures is key - And when a date is open in the calendar, we make the best efforts to accommodate the schedules of my clients.

Sometimes, it involves providing solutions and answers, especially when dad is the one person planning the special day for his sweet girl who is getting married - Here is the magical day Mark, Abby's dad created for them.

When this inquiry came in - Mark was looking for something simple and yet, beautiful - as only parents, sibling and best friends were coming to this special celebration of love. It was a pretty special occasion for everyone!

The next steps - I sent him a list of local vendors so that it would be easier for him to contact and hire wedding vendors to suit the needs for Abby's wedding day.

Her parents own a sea-side property in Emerald Isle, NC, after a truly heartfelt ceremony by her mother, and after formal pictures everyone headed to Swansboro for the reception catered by Mission BBQ - Dee's provided florals - which by the way were so beautiful. The cake was designed by Mrs. Vingerberger.

Needless to say it was the dream day for Abby and Glenn & their puppies, Luna and Molly - They were part of the celebrations... Molly was the ringbearer. How adorable and special is that?

At sunset, Abby, Glenn and her father headed near the White Oak River and the backdrop provided a special glow for our newlyweds.




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