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Rehearsal Dinner | Friends + Family Wedding Weekend | Gatherings before Wedding Day | Rehearsal Dinn

We cannot stress the importance of having coverage the day of your rehearsal dinner prior to the big day.

These moments are shared by friends and family before the ceremonies and celebrations.

There are so many details that will no be incorporated the day of the wedding, the speeches, the sense of family. I will be honest, the day of the wedding - there is a timeline, before you know it you are having a send off and you are preparing for your honeymoon, most times the very next day- early morning. The night before your wedding , it is a slower paced reunion with your bridal party, family and closest friends that have probably arrived that same day to spend the weekend with you and your fiance before the big day. When you have these rehearsals, perhaps you may choose a fancy restaurant, even an event hall with catered dinner or simply a little something in your own backyard like h'orderves [in this case Ivey and Ryan opted to have magnificent bites from The Beaufort Grocery & Co. ] in al-fresco setting... Nothing too fancy, just focusing on friends, family and fun before the big day to calm the nerves... Having a few drinks and some good conversations. So, what part having a pro photographer to cover your rehearsal the day prior?

Well, easy... We have written a few blogs showing why... Every time we cover a rehearsal, every couple or their family and even their friends have mentioned, that it is the greatest idea and investment. There are things that you want to remember... and this is our reason to be. We love offering solutions for your wedding photographic coverage needs, Sometimes we have a double header weekend and cannot be at two rehearsal dinners - But sometimes we are available the day prior and we are ready with camera in hand to capture the moments that you may not want to miss. Enjoy this lovely evening, happened during memorial day weekend. Ivery and Ryan had their friends sound side in a very garden-like theme gathering.

You will notice that the few details were so truly meaningful. Celebrating love and family and friends alike. From specialty drinks, to tattoos of the groom, college friends taking a group picture [ once in a lifetime friends] , all traveling memories, Ryan's mini donuts [ I mean like really? How perfect!!!] At the end of the evening, as the sun went down, the sunset views over the sound were to die for. Children and all adults had a great time, even the puppies who were part of the evening. Enjoy! Vendor: Beaufort Grocery Co Site - Private Home in Pine Knoll Shores.

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