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Blaire + Cameron | Part I | Wedding | Oriental, NC | Allie Miller Weddings

Back in March, the government mandated a quarantine be in place due to a new virus attacking our world as we know it. So many things were affected...

Many plans were postponed, cancelled or rescheduled! Blaire and Cameron's was not exception. Their May 9th wedding almost was postponed, but as the state starting to incorporate regulations and policies for this new normal, a group of 10 people could gather for the celebration - The question was - how to make it work. So, we all decided to make it into a two part - as they wanted to keep their original date in place - it has a great significance for them and it was turned into an intimate ceremony and dinner with only Mom, dad, our bride's mom, siblings, grandmother, aunt an cousins.

All was arranged by family at their vacation home by the river in Oriental, NC - in the backyard. Since their venue was not able to be open at that time... But, we can agree all turned out very well! That said - Their day was complete by the love surrounding them -The groom's dad made steaks on the BBQ grill, and both moms created food that completed a great homemade meal! The house where the ceremony and dinner was held belongs to the groom's family and it is the place in which Cameron [our groom] took his first steps as a child and also the place where he proposed to Blaire last year!

They ended their night with the send off of chinese lanterns [ some made it -off others had alternate plans [ sigh!]] Now, we cannot wait until August when we will have a celebration/reception at their original venue - providing opening phases pan out accordingly -

Needless to say the day was bright, sunny and very perfect and cool as well! Even, their puppy Neuse took part of the festivities... Enjoy!

Blaire + Cameron



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