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Blair + Cam | Merrell Estate Micro Wedding Part II | Allie Miller Weddings | Destination Weddings

Back in its original date, they had planned a wedding here... But, because of the pandemic we have been forced to change plans and also to accomodate new timelines with out clients - Blaire and cam had their original day at his parent's vacation home in Oriental- it was very casual and extremely intimate - They were married!

Today, their reception was held at their original venue, with those who didn't make it and with some precautions due to Covid.

It was filled with laugh and happy tears - the many details were spread throughout the venue and we captured the little moments!! The incredible wedding team at Merrell Gardens made their wedding a dream, from the preparations to their food and the venue - was all definitely worth the wait!

Catering - Circa81

Venue - Merrell Gardens



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